Looking for a relaxed guild


Hey everyone. I’m an older player that created my own guild back in 2013 or so, and since I picked back up last August I have been the only really active player in my guild. I recently decided to leave my guild and find a bigger one. I am looking for a guild that has any requirements for chars/stats that I meet(no matter how high or low), but one that doesn’t have a lot of weekly/monthly requirements like meetings or key pops. The guild doesn’t need to have high level people either, just nice people. I am pretty much looking for a group of people to hang with sometimes instead of a ‘white bag factory’ guild that churns out tombs. I do have discord and am comfortable talking (in English), so that should not be a problem.

As for my account, I am a white star, have 5 8/8 characters (I only have 5 char slots), and about 9k alive fame. I also know how to run shatters, tombs, and halls clean, having soloed tombs and halls before. On an average week, I spend 20 ish hours in game, and tend to hang around the US West servers, but any US server works.

Please contact me on realmeye, in-game, or on discord @Nacnud#3400 about any guilds that are interested in hosting me!

Edit: I have been invited to a guild, and am chilling comfortably with them. Thanks for all the invites I recieved!


You’re welcome at F L U F F, we are the definition of relaxed. Just shoot me a pm in game or on this post and we’ll let you in!


f l u f f is big gae, do not join it if you don’t wanna run around with these kind of dogs


u n k n o w n


I… I don’t know what you’re talking about there buddy hehe


if you are mainly USE or USE2, Praeteritus will be happy to welcome you!

send me a message on Realmeye or discord (COMPACT DISCORD LIGHT #5130) if you play on those servers

yes, I do use compact light, but thats to piss off my friends. also they were like you wouldn’t do it and they I did it


I’d love to join F L U F F


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