Looking for active, experienced guild


12 8/8s 27k alive fame. Looking for an active US guild (preferably east) of experienced players. I have done tons of halls runs and would love to find a guild that can do them but being active and friendly in general is more important.


Where the hell did you disappear to?


If you had a hundred wives, you too would disappear from the public eye every now and then.

(well in your case it’d be a hundred husbands, but the point still stands)


Happy wife happy life.



Sorry we aren’t experienced enough for you, and we prefer USMidWest2. We are active and friendly but you probably don’t wanna join.


Hey, our guild is still quite empty, as we’re still trying to recruit members. If you have the patience, you can join. If you’re looking to join a full guild immediately, we aren’t for you. Reply asap if you’re interested.


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