Looking for active members in The Raven


!!!The Raven!!!
We are an active mid-high skill guild looking for around 10 or so players to help bring our activity up. Most of us are college-aged, semi-toxic, and we run key pops on a weekly basis–generally 3-5 days of the week (but usually more). Every few months we run contests with in-game rewards that go to the winners. Our guild has been around since 2013 and the old farts who have been here forever playing this game are still playing every week. We pop varied keys, help each other level, farm, and we do a fair amount of endgame content. We also play some other games using the discord as a hub. The server we play on varies but we generally will try to play on USE3 or USS3.


  • English speaking
  • At least 5 character slots.
    -Must be at least orange star or must obtain orange star within a reasonable time period of joining the guild.
    -We have players who have 2k to 35k account fame most of the time. We aren’t sticklers on live account fame since character slots can make or break that condition. What is important is that you are a capable player who has experience in the endgame dungeons and has had characters hit at least 2.5k fame base here or in the past. If we find that you are not up to our group, you will be kicked :slight_smile:
  • Skills: Comfortable running cults, shatters, fungals, nests, and all types of dungeons a small groups.
  • No cheaters
  • EST time zone is the primary zone we play in. We also have some west coast people in the guild. As long as you are in the Americas you will probably be active when most of the guild is active.
  • Contributions necessary: Just be active and contribute to the guild when you can. We all have a lot of stuff going on like jobs, business trips, and school. We will kick inactives who have not been in the game for over two weeks, regardless of excuses. This is not personal, it is just to keep the blood fresh in the guild. If you are kicked from the guild for being inactive you will always be welcome back when a slot opens up.

How to apply:

Message ThrenIII, LeeXD, TheRakdos, or Masteryuji in game or just reply to this post/DM me.


We will kick inactives who have not been in game 2 weeks no exceptions

Your guild realmeye says otherwise…




They aren’t in the guild we kicked them 3 hours ago


lol its not my fault if realmeye isn’t updated


They have to log on for the kick to register, manually kick from realmeye if you want.


yeah i just took care of it. Thanks for the heads up my guy <3


No worries hope it goes well :smiley:


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