Loot bag customization


Pre-idea bit (Ignore this if you don’t care):
So, i recently returned from long periods of inactivity, i had posted incomplete ideas before, some even with broken promises, which i failed to deliver for one reason or another. You could even say that i “Bit off more than i can chew”, because those were entirely new dungeon/class ideas. I decided that i’m done with those for now and will not be making any new dungeon/class ideas any time soon. My plan is for now to post small ideas if any at all.

The idea itself:
As i had returned to the game, one of the new features that has been added since my hiatus, was the fact that realm gods now drop HP/MP restoration potions, since i have sound on, it’s really annoying to hear this sound.
However, before you suggest me to simply turn the sounds off, it’s not annoying because it’s too repetetive, it’s because of the fact, that it’s harder to tell whether apart whether you get something good or not before seeing the bag whithin your render distance. So what the idea is, it’s the ability to customize which bag should play the drop sound when it drops, and perhaps, even ability to add custom sounds for each bag drop.

Wrapping up:
I feel like this small change, while it may not affect those who always have their sounds off, would be a neat addition for those who do have them on.
As always, if you have any sort of feedback, please let me know.


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