Lost Base Fame


realmeye tab I’ve had open since yesterday

and now


That could be caused by the new rules.

Before, the first about 220 fame were gain very fast for less experience points.


You’re right. Wotan posted about it. Oops


Correct! Due to this, all fame has been recalculated, so everyone’s down about 218 fame.
I’m not sure if this also works retroactively for dead characters, but that might also bee why you might have less stars or a lower “highest fame” on a character than you’d expect, after the bug fix.

Fame Glitch?

Yes, and the exact number is related to the time played with. Because the “gain 1 fame per some minutes active” rule was removed, too.


My wizard was at perfectly 15K base before this, and when I tried to get it back up I accidentally went over and am now at 15002. Game literally unplayable.


Suicide it and start a new one. :slight_smile:


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