Lower Frames than Doom on a Toaster


After the last update, this is how laggy my game looks:

100% frame lag, it was running perfectly before. So far I have tried:

  • Uninstalling the game
  • Wiping RotMG Exalt-related registry per Deca’s advice
  • Updating graphics drivers

Any suggestions? It’s horrendous right now.


Just in Nexus or in game? Nexus can cause graphical/performance problems which you don’t see elsewhere. Some of it is settings which get toggled there such as transparency. Some crazed designers adding too many things to the Nexus. And sometimes just too many people as it’s now the only place you see 100+ players in one place.




Having a similar experience. I followed deca’s instructions and upon restarting my computer the game ran fine … for like two play sessions before reverting to the unplayable state. I’m not going through the registries for every single time I play the game, so for now I log in to see whether the new updates fix the issue and when they don’t I’m gone until the next one. Kind of depressing.


you get better frames on Doom Eternal?

lmao game with super-high end 2020 graphics runs better than pixel game from 2011 on a craptop imagine


Sorry to hear that. Didn’t even get the two sessions when I tried the steps. Hopefully the next update fixes it.


Based on some experimentation, this seems to be correlated (for me) exclusively with how long it’s been since I restarted my computer. If it’s been more than a day or so, the game doesn’t work – otherwise it runs normally. Your mileage may vary.


What are your specs and has it been fixed?


Not fixed, still happening (including on testing servers).



that is disgusting what?? The only issue i’ve ever had with frames was when OBS was open.


Sounds like that could be a known issue with Windows. As well as obvious limits like RAM, HD space, CPU cores Windows has “handles” to Windows objects. The OS is limited to 32k of these, which is not a lot, as a single app can use up to 10,000.

Over time as these get used and not given back to the system the OS can run out of them and new apps aren’t able to create them, or have to ask the OS for each one, so run much more slowly. The only option then is to restart.

I know when I used to use it restarting Windows daily was considered just good practice. If you wanted a Windows machine to run for many days on a task it needed to run nothing else. Restarting daily would fix it for you too, by the looks of things, and might make other things run better or be more reliable too.


same here. reason why I don’t clip things often


i switched to nvidia and medal.tv and it works now without la.g


It’s still unplayable for me on Windows. This was on a Mac running Boot Camp. I contacted Deca, and they replied that Exalt runs on native environments and that’s probably why. It was working fine before that update, so they likely changed something that just completely broke it for me. Running on macOS now and it runs fine.


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