Madness Marauders(USMW) are looking for members!


Madness Marauders

A new guild based on USMidwest, though that doesn’t mean we only accept players from there. all are free to join! I myself play random hours a lot so it’d be nice to have others to play with at anytime I’m able to hop on!

my goal with this is to just build a group that gets along well, has fun, and just gets down on some rotmg. I buy keys a lot myself to pop so i wouldn’t mind having guild runs occasionally if we can get enough people.

Looking forward to meeting some new people!


  • Language: English is preferred.
  • Base fame: Any, accepting most people who want to join.
  • Skills: Active in play time.
  • No cheaters/Racism
  • Time zone: EST though there are only 3 of us as of now.
  • Contributions necessary: just be an active player nothing else is necessary.

How to apply: get at me in-game(Xanyl), on reddit(Xanyl) or reply to this post and we can figure things out!