Make all fame bonuses live ones


I like how they changed Well Equipped from a [dead] fame bonus to a +% to your live fame rate. Not just as it saves you wasting gear when suiciding, but it’s nice to get a bonus for the gear you actually use, not just the gear you die with.

There is one problem with it though: for most of us it probably hardly ever changes. It’s twenty-something percent, between 20% and 28% probably. But if you are like me you never look at it, don’t pay it any attention. I certainly never equip gear for the fame bonus.

So I thought: why not have all fame bonuses live ones. You e.g. get an Oryx kill. +5% (or whatever) to your live fame bonus. It will work with whatever the fame bonuses are.

This makes the fame bonus much more interesting. Twenty-something percent is just a starting point, it will keep increasing as you play. You will no longer have a separate live fame and dead fame to keep track of: you will just have fame. No more killing chars to get a class quest/star, you will always get that quest/star live.

The only disadvantage is it’s actually a nerf, because a bonus such as Oryx Slayer is only applied after you get it, not to all your fame on death. But frankly we are all overloaded with fame now, we could live with a small nerf. Plus this can be addressed in overall balancing.

Also it does not work well with negative bonuses, i.e. ones where you are rewarded for not killing cubes etc… The problem with them is you would initially gain all of them, on a new char, then lose them as you played so see your fame bonus initially drop. But the plan is to remove all such negative bonuses, so this would not be an issue.


That… kind of gets exponentially out of control. I know it’s not as crazy as having all that on death, but with all of the bonuses DECA is coming out with soon (many of them aren’t even that hard), you’d still be getting fame at an abnormal rate.

Maybe that’s just me personally complaining about the escalation of yet another aspect of the game. It feels like the recent buff already did enough.


I am sure they are going to balance the bonuses. In fact they seem to already have done so: although exp and fame from most things is much higher now the bonuses when you die are smaller and additive.

As I wrote what I describe does not give you more fame on death. In practice it is a slight nerf which might need balancing. The idea though is to make it more engaging, and simpler to understand (no more separate live/dead fame) while keeping the fame you earn on death the same.


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