May package


For the may package it says it will give you 5 epic keys, 5 legendary keys, 3 mystery st chests, and 5 clovers. Then i looked it up and when you actually click on the package it says 5 legendary keys and 1 epic key. Think this is a mistake? Also, if anyone else has bought it and made a inquiry to deca were they able to get the other 4 keys or is it a waste of time?


My packages says 5 epic, 5 leend, 3 myster and 5 clovers


Clipboard16 Clipboard17

absolutely 5x


actually IX is 9


no, it definitely says 3 mystery, 5 clovers, 5 legendary, and 1 epic in the picture you just posted. But the image of the package before you click on it says 5 epic keys.


Sometimes a picture helps. They do seem to have made a mistake:

I would definitely make a claim via support ticket, had I bought this pack thinking thereā€™d be 5x purple keys.


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