Mirrored char


Trade serve, Warrior, right of centre. At first I thought it was someone using reverse text, as you sometimes see in chat (e.g. Kong chat). But the whole char is mirrored: the shape of the text box, their name, the star position (the char sprite probably too except the game normally mirrors that). Latest Unity client.


Maybe an Arabic speaking player?


I am probably not the only one who has seen damage text flip when rotating in Exalt, must be the same type of bug.


Arabic text is right to left, but it uses its own charset. There are reversed chars somewhere in the Unicode char set, which you can use to write things backwards.

But none of these are possible in ROTMG as the chat filter strips out everything except a subset of ASCII. And it’s not just the text that’s reversed.


I think it’s possible. How the complete character is displayed could depend on the name, and tehrefore the language set up on this client (especially as Realm is playable within the browser).


Definitely not. Names are even more limited than chat, to just A-Z. And his checks out as perfectly normal:


In theory you could hack your own client to display anything, but being able to reverse stuff like that would be challenging and pretty pointless, as it would only appear on your own PC. It would not affect normal clients like mine.


Did you try rotating your screen to see if it would fix itself? I’ve had that happen before on unity while rotating my screen, but I’m not sure if I’ve had it only affect one speech bubble like in this case.


It happened again on the trade server. This time though the problem ‘fixed’ itself. First I see a Paladin bot moving robotically left across the screen, with their text bubble and name reversed. Then they change direction and start going back the other way, which undoes the mirroring instantly. I got screenshots of both:

I could not watch for any longer as it vanished immediately after the second screenshot. I do not know if it started off the right way round as I only noticed it while reversed. Clearly a bot from the way it moved, and as it was advertising not trying to trade. I wonder if it’s deliberate to make them more noticed?


I saw this happen today and thought it was strange, but just ignored it really… But yeah, it happened to me just after joining a realm, another player’s ign was flipped as they joined in behind me, and it stayed flipped like that.

Edit: We were walking in one direction up from the beach, I didn’t stay long enough to see if it flipped back when the player turned / or try anything with rotation.


saw the same thing in realm. star and name mirrored. fixed itself when i used screen rotation



Fixed an issue where players’ names and text bubbles could appear flipped upon entering a new area.