Misadventures of Hellway and Nyx


Yay I like your comics :slight_smile:


Thanks! Rai always was a bit of a dastard, the soviet microwave dabbed on everyone at least once before. Oalei, Hellway, Nyx, Bloodranz…


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Also plot twist Rai is the forgotten king, idk if this is a coincidence or you saw the recent shatters lore (existent within kingdom skin descriptions) but the Forgotten King is a sorcerer


Wow. I definitely did not know that.


Wow, damn. I lucked out! This will be a fun adventure


yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah I seriously doubt that

if you’re basing that on the description/appearance of the royal sorcerer it’s pretty generic stuff tbh, sounds like what would happen to just about anyone who would have encountered the void entity back then:


appearance-wise they’re also pretty different. the royal sorcerer has a blue robe while the forgotten king clearly has a green one, not to mention the obvious lack of a crown on the royal sorcerer’s head.

I’d assume that the royal sorcerer was some sort of elite king’s servant or something, possibly a distant ancestor to ice adepts/mages or something unrelated entirely. saying that he’s supposed to be the forgotten king is a bit of a stretch imo.


My info comes from WunderWafe that those descriptions are in fact about the shatters origins


xak’s also a closed tester, ya know?

ofc those are about the shatters’ origins, that was obvious as soon as someone read the character lores for the 14 skins. xak’s probably not wrong; the fact that the royal sorc looks literally nothing like the king - even lacking a crown - makes me doubt that it’s the forgotten king at all.





the implication is literally that their souls were swallowed by the void. it’s not like the royal sorc is unique in that aspect.


Sorcerer is a very general term, like wizard or magician. They certainly display many magical powers so they could defiantly be a sorcerer just unrelated to the skin


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Chapter 1: New Roots

Oalei is reincarnated as a fairy, his soul then reunites with a mystic named Roland who inherited his memories through the form of a nightmare. While taking all of that information in is overwhelming on it’s own, Roland/Oalei meet a new ally, a dark elf huntress named Eris.

S/N: Much, MUCH cleaner than the prologue. I’m low-key nervous about uploading images through the phone though now. No preview available so I hold my breath and concentrate that the panels all get uploaded in the correct order… Otherwise I am screwed.


A dungeon about cute fairies and fountain magic, turned into a deep psychological and mystical realm amongst the Nexus. Holy s h i t that’s genius.


Chapter 2: Old Bonds (Part 1)

Hellway and Nyx escape disaster that befell upon their village in the Realm many years ago. The ice and fire adepts invaded taking their home and many lives. This was the true beginning of their strong friendship…

S/N: Before I head off to war Realmafia for a week, here’s the next half chapter. I was in the middle of drawing the second half… But I got busy again. I missed our girls too though.


Despite the serious connotation… Your art is so adorable! I really can’t see anything other than the small details like the little adepts waving their sleeves around in the first panel. I love it.


Plus some backstory is always nice


I guess it’s hard to make them look intimidating when they’re in the distance haha.
Thank you for your support!


The best girls themselves. There will be more backstory arcs sooner or later too.


It always felt mystical to me, but it’s confirmed on the wiki that fairies = spirits are dead players lore. It’s a coincidence that both have fountains though. o7



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