Misadventures of Hellway and Nyx





Oh wow, you shouldn’t have… Thanks


Alright so I’m going to come clean instead of leading you on, as you’ve probably noticed there hasn’t been a new comic in weeks and that’s because of 2 main reasons.

  1. I can’t find much time to focus on it anymore, either because of work, video games, or other projects. Sen is a busy dude, my friends.

  2. Currently, I don’t have much motivation either. And I don’t want to give the current arc a half-assed ending or plotholes from being too lazy about it, therefore I’m going to put H&N on a hiatus.

For how long? I’m not too sure myself… It could be next month, or even next year. But when that time comes I’ll ask mods to re-open this thread if it closes and either continue where the current story left off or save it for another time.

I know you all enjoy this comic and I don’t want to ruin it for you, so it’s better that I do this for the time being. Thank you for supporting me since May everyone, love you.


I just want to see your amazing art

take as much time as you need, just promise to come back to us friend :]


There’s always Realmafia to draw too, thanks for understanding holmes. :heart:


Well, uh, that’s basically why my own drawing thread died so I can respect lack of time and/or motivation. :+1:


Take all the time you’ll need. We’ll be here.



Well that’s for sure… lol


Some of us quite literally


I need something to distract myself with again, new stuff soon.


YAY bumb!!!




deca wont revive us so we want ammys back




In order to know what my next step is for this comic I need to gather a small vote…

Should I…

  • Continue the current adventure which is on hiatus, finish it
  • Stop the current adventure on hiatus and go back to doing requests and short stories, finishing the current story is not important
  • Do something else with the story and characters (specify in a reply.)

0 voters

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate you guys


You should have some people from the forums show up as characters in the comic.


We appreciate you too :heart:


I do like this idea, I’ll see what I can do with it


Can I be one of them?


Heck yeah, but you’re going to have to be less ambiguous than just a white bag.