Month of The mad god 2020 discussion


Is this a thing anymore


I think so, I am pretty sure it is in September, feel free to correct me


I believe it was delayed to September for the reason of polishing up O3, which is already released so I don’t see why MOTMG is so late this year.


It was delayed because there was a new class, a new engine releasing, plenty of packs and events, and a new final boss, unlike others MotMGs.


plot twist: motmg is coming with o4


plot twist : it spawns in the nexus


plot twist: swatsecone is back


Plot twist : i predicted it


They announced in a producer’s letter that its going to be in September due to workplace disruptions and changes as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Plot twist: u are a profit


Because they were working on O3 when they’d normally be working on MOTMG, seems simple enough lol


10/10 clickbait title


added discussion to the title so people know this isnt anything official


I believe , correct me if I’m wrong, that in a recent thing that they hinted at a new dungeon, I believe ancient ruins or something, and about F.E.R.A.L. being released around then?


I only heard of High Tech Terror in their producer letter where they talked about the item forge; don’t recall anything about an ancient ruins. Closest thing is Ancient August but I’m not sure what that has to do with ruins aside from the name theme I guess.


The one thing i highly hope for MOTMG is that the Producer’s Letter was not being misleading and they add In-Combat, that would be the best update for rotmg ever.


There was a reference to ancient august, and motmg being ‘sturific’
Sturific most likely references sturky, the creator of that ancient ruins, and both of those link pretty well.


What are ancient ruins? Feel like I’m out of the loop…


Does ancient august mean more stone things and old motmgs and less aliens? because for some reason i absolutely hate the aliens


But i want my last core to get that sweet sweet entropy reactor :cry: