MotMG 2020 Reconstruction


I missed this. What event was this?


I was referring to xQc looking at the trailer of rotmg and ending up not playing.

Not that I think the game’s a good fit for his stream anyway, but this was a very real example of people bouncing off what the game has on display. That clip has roughly as many views as the ROTMG reconstruction trailers, and was viewed live by even more people, it’s safe to say in my opinion, this clip has done more damage than Deca has the media reach to even compensate for at this time.


I’ll have to agree with Backpedal regarding keys, honestly.
Are they a profitable source of income? Very likely, yes.
But it brings about a whole lot of other problems - the major two, imo, being:

  1. The removal of needing to play the game: keys being usable in any location means players needn’t even go in the Realm to find any dungeon, removing the entire Realm from their personal gameplay loop. This leads directly into the next problem…
  2. The speed of accessing dungeons: even though you still need to do the dungeon itself, the fact that you can cut out the search for a dungeon in a Realm, plus any additional time spent closing the Realm for a fresh one to open - or server hopping, if you’re into that, no offense - means dungeons can be completed WAY faster than normal. In turn, this puts Deca in a catch-22 situation: they’d have to either base drop rates on these key poppers, frustrating slower-paced, regular players, OR base them on said casuals, which would STILL drive people to those big ol’ key groups. After all, they get way more shots at those now-common whites.

Ultimately, we’ll have to see if toning down the speed of large groups will be enough to at least somewhat patch the second problem…though the first one still remains.
If only keys never existed…


From the trailer, this is visible:
(The list then continues into presumably the other dungeons)


I can’t wait for all those people to start grinding Pcaves legitimately! :v)

(More importantly, I’ll actually go and fight the Cube God now. It’s literally been years…)


Event bosses are guaranteed once per realm, and iirc most if not all can spawn more than once.


Honestly though I remember someone at DECA mentioning doing away with “restrictive” bonuses like accruacy ones, instead letting you firing at will for fame which I think is kinda stupid


The percentages I meant… I watched the trailer myself though.


Yeah, removing the accuracy bonus was one of the few that seemed particularly weird to remove. I don’t mind seeing most of them go, but… uh… high accuracy is normally a good thing have in most games? It’s one of the bonuses I bother with currently. I mean, it’ll be nice in a sense not to have to worry about it anymore on one hand, but on the other, I don’t necessary fancy auto firing all the time just to get a different bonus, either. It’s messy looking.


It would probably work if they based it on shots hit rather than shots fired, but idk if they are or not.

edit: with all those monster type kills though we might not need any fame bonus related to accuracy and could just do it with all the kills instead…


Some ratio bonuses will likely be removed entirely, becoming flat numbers instead, as posted in this Producer’s Letter from a few months ago:

As for the bonuses in terms of fame-boost-%, who knows. I hope they’ll be on par with the current ones.
And admittedly, I’d also like if some of the restrictive bonuses were kept just for fun - kinda like with Pacifist rn; it’s a pretty firm bonus, but the cumulative boost from all the monster-killing/hitting bonuses far outshine it.


I just hope we get an explanation on the fame bonuses before they go into effect, particularly if they plan to change the fame bonuses for existing characters. I’m fine if they do it, but I would just like some heads-up so I know if there are characters I should kill off.


This is incorrect. Event bosses have a chance to spawn whenever a hero of oryx or other event god is killed. Some bosses are limited to once per realm, such as the Killer Bee Nest, Dwarf Miner, Lost Sentry, Sphinx, Hermit, and LotLL, and some can appear multiple times, such as the Cube God, Skull Shrine, and Pentaract. No event boss is guaranteed to spawn, to my knowledge.


Why remove accuracy as a fame bonus?


On another note I do hope DECA will give more information on fame bonuses before releasing them, as some existing characters have a high number of old bonuses that the player may be attempting to maintain


I don’t see why Deca should cater to hackers, though. I think there’s other reasons.


While far from an exhaustive list, we did give a fairly detailed look at our plans and goals with the fame bonus expansion here:

And no, cheaters had nothing to do with the direction of the accuracy bonuses.


ok but why would you not reward hitting enemies accurately


with the accuracy fame bonuses, i’ve always been incentivized to only shoot with enemies nearby…not that that is a bad thing of course, but i always see players that keep autofire on, which would be pretty helpful for me especially if i don’t end up losing the fame bonus.


Is Tome of Purification and Geb Tome purification nerf still in effect?