MotMG: Reconstruction is here!


I found one, hasn’t really changed at all


Deca: Increased the White Bag drop rate.

Also Deca: Doom Bow and Coral Bow gets no drop rate buff.


Uh since when para drop ripper


Don’t know when this happened, but glad realmeye graveyard works again


The Seal rework… I have a mix feeling about it.

It did make Holy Warrior Seal quite close to BChampion but… I just don’t like Max HP does not instantly grant heal when full HP.

To me, Max HP heal should be associated with In Combat. Basically, if I use my Seal before IC triggers, the Max HP heals me instantly. But, In Combat situation and slap my Seal, Max HP should not grant instant heal.

Best Sword Class Poll

Why would they buff the droprates when they’re already common?


Graveyards may be working but living characters still aren’t