My First Doom Bow and one of my Best Characters... GONE! [Dead]


I feel so humiliated by this death, it’s not even funny. I almost started cussing and crying at the same time, but I didn’t because I would’ve gotten in huge trouble. This was one of my best characters, one of the characters that had my FIRST DOOM BOW (screenshot below). And before anyone criticizing me about this being a death that was totally my fault, I know that. It was my fault. Well, not technically, because it was a purple bag that tempted me to my death. I’m tempted to quit the game now that I died, but that would be out of an act of rage, and I don’t want to do that.
The only thing that makes me happy about this death is that I got to the red star, which was a goal I’ve been trying to re-achieve for a huge amount of time (long story). At least that’s one success that I can celebrate about.

Oh, one more thing? GIMME UR CONDOLENCES!!

The Death Thread
The Death Thread

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