My list of crappy ideas


Hello. Raphiel (baconsm) here with a list of (possibly) shit ideas. Please tell me what you think.

  • Rank has always been an arbitrary number with a colored star. Of course with the fame rework, being a white star has basically lost all meaning, and I can’t really complain because I got to a white star because of the fame rework.

    • Well, the forge is something I’m a huge fan of, but only having 1600 forgefire is not dank. Maybe Decker can make it so that rank increases the maximum amount of forgefire, or the amount of forgefire gained per day. Maybe this is too OP and I’m just an impatient fuck.
  • Speaking of the forge, I hate wasting materials. If I only need 5 more silver, but I only have stuff that is like 30 silver things, I’m just kinda forced to waste 25 silver things.

    • Instead of doing live sacrifices on the dot, maybe you can melt down shit to the 3 material types into storage (infinite non upgradable), so when you only need 5 more mats, you don’t waste 25. You still have 25 more for the next thing you want to make.
  • Soulbound potions grind my gears, period. And many others’ as well.

    • I understand receiving SB pots through free packs and calendar, but potions that drop from mobs or chest events should not be SB. You can’t even put them in the potion storage, you cant trade them, and they look fucking ugly as shit. Like that brown cork thing just isn’t working.
  • Speaking of a waste of space, marks.

    • I really like the daily quest, but marks are just a huge waste of space. I think it goes without saying that marks should either have their own storage, or be stackable. This definitely isn’t an original idea, as this should be a common complaint.
  • Free char slots. Free vault slots. How about free potion storage upgrade?

    • Not everyone can/wants to spend money on this game. I think free pot storage upgrades would be sick. I mean, they’re handing out vaults and character slots, soooo…


Pretty OP idea yeah. But if you want to increase, then each rank increases the forgefire capacity by 10?

Exactly what I want to see except the unused materials will be stored after forge.

There is also a suggestion to have all daily quests active at least once a day to manage the mark overflows. But then I figured that Deca said “Nah man, we don’t do that here.” because it will be OP for farming quest chests. Don’t get me wrong though, I do like your idea.


How about we can upgrade pot storage infinitely just like vault and character slots? And yeah, once in a couple month, we get one free pot storage upgrade.


What you said about the forge storing the things was exactly what I meant. Just had trouble putting it into words.


I think the mark issue would be helped a ton if they asked for less marks at a time. Nobody is going to keep all eight spaces of their inventory free and farm all those dungeons for a normal chest that only drops a spd.


I agree with the normal chests. That has says struck me as a little bizarre. Perhaps the intent was to stave off better players from easy extra fame/pots, or something? I don’t see the logic in that if it’s the case. If some other reason, then what?


I have no qualms about running a dungeon 8 times but yeah, its not cool to have 8 occupied inv slots,


It would be awesome if marks could stack. That would make doing quests so much easier. I often forget or just choose not to pick up marks for quests because of the inventory they take up. Maybe a max stack of 3 would be reasonable as a compromise? Most endgame dungeon quests only require 3 marks, however the Havoc in the Halls quest, which requires 2 MBC and 2 Void marks doesn’t follow that pattern. Also, 3 doesn’t divide evenly into 8, so not sure how that would work. Quests would likely need a rework if this were to happen I guess.

Also I saw you in a wlab. I wasn’t dragging those minions into the boss room, I swear! Funny how we were the only 2 not to nexus


Forge would just turn into an infinite item storage then. I could free up a ton of vault space right now if i just melted down everything I didn’t use and just crafted what I needed.

I’m fine with soulbound potions honestly. They are good for new players/unmaxed characters. There is already an issue with the amount of potions an event brings into the economy, imagine if people were bringing in all their soulbound potions too!

If marks were stackable or had their own storage I could just save up a shit ton of marks and not play the game every day as intended. Daily quests are meant for you to get on and play. I would rather them get rid of marks and instead track it the same way they track exaltations, that way you can’t just save up a ton of marks and turn them in. They would need to reduce how many dungeons you need to complete the quest though, as right now quests are a pain to complete without saving marks.

Free stuff, Free stuff, free stuff. I mean, of course I’m gonna say yes to free stuff, but that’s kinda unrealistic to ask for


I think i vaguely remember you but i can be wrong because minions are always dragged into B. I do not remember who goes in the dungeon with me tbh because my opacity is set to 0.


Forge would actually NOT turn into an unlimited item storage. ST and new Tops would not be able to be smelted. And of course, any collectible goodies like the Pet rock would also not be able to be smelted. Additionally, for it to be an infinite item storage, you would need to smelt EVERY UT you get, which I would imagine not everyone would be willing to do. Also, it is HIGHLY improbable that you ONLY get UT’s and get NO ST, meaning that even if you do smelt all your UT, your vault will just be filled with ST.

The thing with rotmg right now is that potions are easy to get. I found a blue star the other day, played with him for a while, and he got 5/8. But I think you’re missing the point here. SB potions should not drop in bags that you earn from doing damage to mobs. You worked for that potion, not by logging in or buying a 0 realm gold pack. You hit the boss, risked your character, and got a blue bag. And inside is an untradeable piece of shit that cannot be stored in the pot storage.

Even if you save up marks, it doesnt keep you from playing the game as intended, because in order to get a shit ton of marks, you have to play the game as intended. So it doesnt matter if you save marks, because the only way to get marks is by “playing as intended”.

Unrealistic? When Kabam owned the game, I never would have thought we’d be getting character slots from logging into the game, but look now. Obviously, there are some things that Decker would never do, but potion storage upgrades aren’t completely implausible.


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