Necromancer equipment - what would you change/aim for?


Staff of silver wings

T5 skull

Robe of Dark Summoning

T5 def ring

Which stat should I focus on most?


I would change the ring to an expo,always good all rounder and not that hard to get


If you are not maxed yet, I would focus on defense. Defense makes a huge difference in the mid-game especially if you aren’t maxed in it.

I would try to get the Esben skull, it helps a ton for certain dungeons. For the ring Expo shouldn’t be too hard for you to get


Get hold of a t6 Skull. You have tops in everything else, t6 gives better healing and damage, but the +30 HP over t5 is especially valuable – almost as much as you’d get from replacing a t5 HP ring with UBHP.


Try aiming for the Annointed Robe, a DPS-oriented robe which drops from the stone guardians and armor stands in Oryx’s Castle.

You can also aim for Soulless Robe, a survivability robe which drops from the Haunted Spirits that spawn from buffed liches around the realm.


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