Soulless Robe

Soulless Robe
Soulless Robe: …finally, I cornered and killed the beast. When I awoke in a cold sweat…I felt youthful, powerful.

Tier: ST
Stat Bonuses: +60 HP, +15 DEF
Fame Bonus: 4%
Feed Power: 435

Drops From:
Phylactery Bearer

Part of the Phylactery Mystic set.

This item was first made available through The Alchemist, but was later added as a drop.

This robe is similar to Shendyt of Geb, but instead of the 7 wisdom, 7 vitality, 25 MP, it gives 35 more HP. Soulless Robes are recommended for Wizards and Sorcerers because they don’t actually need more MP or wisdom due to their ability MP cost being low.

This item, and the other pieces of the Phylactery Mystic Set, previously also dropped from the Lair of Draconis. In Release 27.7.XMAS, the items were removed as drops from the dungeon and replaced with the Dragon Tamer Set.

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