Necromancer Rework


Necromancer is, truthfully, a boring class. It is essentially a mix between a wizard and a priest, but worse than any of them. Plus, its ability doesn’t even fit its definition: Necromancers revive, not drain health like a vampire. This is my proposal: Necromancer spawns minions based on which enemies it drains. These minions will be standardized based on base HP, and UT skulls will spawn long ranged minions, minions that dodge, etc. These minions will cost MP and HP to summon, MP for skull use and HP to summon the minion, stronger = more HP cost. These minions will probably have relatively low dps, and be used for tanking.


or better than any of them depending on player’s preferences.

You can say similar things about other classes. HP draining necromancy is pretty common in games I think.

This would either be abused or useless.


How dare you…

It may not have the best of both worlds but personally in a game like realm I would rather be the jack of all trades, master of none as opposed to master of one.
I think the necro is fine as is even if his ability isn’t the most unique, powerful or mythologically accurate.


Wouldn’t you like necromancer to be its own, special class? Wouldn’t you like necromancer to actually have a niche?


he dares, as it is true. The necro may be a decent class, one that can handle many situations, but in all truth, hes right. its boring. you may not want to admit it, but its play style is one that is not as interesting as others. there are more things you can do and the things a necro can do, another class can probably do it better. all of the aspects a necro covers, a different class does it better. now and you said its a jack of all trades, and i agree. there is not a lot that a necro cannot do, yet its done poorly. this lack of significant dps, healing, crowd control, buffing (in some cases), and many others, its not as fun as a warrior, or a wizard. its not as interesting as others. its basic. but in all, i think that because of the lack of interesting or unique things with the class, it could really do with a rework. i think it would be nice, if the necro got something it could call its own. something a different class couldn’t do better. something fun to use, and useful in a group setting. that’s why i like this proposal. I’ve always had this on my mind, the whole necromancy thing, and i think this is probably the best representation of something I’ve always wanted, but never actually put here. in summary, its cool.


Um… if you want to talk about boring/basic classes, you could, you know… look at priest, wizard, assasin, paladin, knight, rogue, sorcerer, and juggernaut warrior. Literally, the classes have abilities that require next to no skill to use with a decent pet (except for knight sometimes) but we don’t see them needing a rework (except for knight because its ability is cancer early game and weak late game). The thing is that RotMG is a really basic game and because of it, there are very basic classes and necromancer fits in. If you want entertainment, you can play the faster paced classes (and beserk is just fun). I enjoy using necro, ecspecially with esben and the updated shaitans skull. It’s a solid class and the UT abilities all give it entirely different play styles. It doesn’t really fit its name (should be more vampire or something like that) but as a class, I don’t want to lose it.


I’ve covered assassin and sorc before, but I don’t remember the link. Look, there are worse classes than warrior, pally, and knight. People play necro less because, in all reality, you give up the most important aspects of wizard and priest (reliable dps, reliable heals). And yes, sorc and assassin do need a rework, but I’m not exactly a god of imagination.


At least these classes have something about them that’s unique, and excels in an aspect of the game. I’m not saying necro’s bad, I’m saying hes bland, with no unique features.


what do you mean by unique. I can argue that necro is unique and priest and wizard aren’t. Necro was released at the same time as priest and wizard so what makes you decide which classes are unique and which aren’t?
Second off, he’s ranged instant AOE of the category. Sure wizard does more damage to individual targets but necro has AOE. That’s what allows for assasin to be playable even though the dps sucks.


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