New changes that would be really great to see in the future


Well, it’s nice to be back on the forums.

Since I left this game around 2-3 months ago, I recently heard about the porting of RotMg to the Unity engine which got me very excited. I may have discussed these ideas in my previous forum posts, but here is something that I would like to see changed sometime.

Revamp the Trading process

As you know, trading is a big part of this game since Realm is a very economy driven game to say the least. I’m not entirely sure which server it is, (since it frequently changes) but I believe that the “trading server” is USWest2 as of today. I believe it would be incredibly nice to have a designated trading sever (it could be called “USTrade” or something like that) that has a bigger nexus than other servers, and no realm portals. This server would be made solely for trading and buying items. Since the trade server right now is a clusterfuck of people spamming messages, a more organized “marketplace” type area would be very convenient. There could be different sections in this trade-based nexus where all players selling ST items would go in one area, while people selling Armor’s and weapon’s could go to another area. This would make trading, a big part of realm, a lot more pleasant experience.

Another idea that is related to trading, is making the Realmeye trading a lot more efficient. For example, if I see an offer I like on Realmeye, the only way of communicating to that player is either by sending them a message over Realmeye (ineffective) or doing /tell in the chat. While this does sometimes work, mostly the other person with the offer will be in the trade server and will most likely not see your Direct Message due to the sheer amount of spam in that nexus. Maybe they could add a message system where a message would pop-up on the players screen that says “this player wants to trade [this item] for your [this item]” and if they press accept, they will be automatically transferred to the server they are in, making trading a lot more efficient.

These are just ideas, tell me what you think about this.


There’s no guarantee that people would use this


Exactly, you’d just be adding something new that wouldn’t be necessary and that not everyone might use.


But if the opportunity is there, it may move the majority of people in the USWEST2 servers. Of course, you wont know unless you either implement it in the game or there’s a poll or something of that sorts. I mean, when theres a new dungeon you don’t know if people will ever run it, but if theres an opportunity people might try it out.


Just a reminder that Realmeye, forums, wiki or trading, is not an official DECA service, meaning that streamlining the game to Realmeye is highly unlikely.


I always thought it would be cool to have cross-server trading with some sort of realmeye-rotmg link, instead of the the usual server hopping and confirming deals over text.


Like a realmeye bot that you have to give the items to.


yea, since realmeye is such a big part of realm, why not make a official connection between realmeye and deca?


r e a l m t r a d e s


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