New Consumables ( The Machine )


Work in Progress


Dazes enemies for 5 seconds, confuse on self for 3 seconds.


It uses shots, rather than an AoE? That seems awfully risky to use. It’s also a little out of character for an irl magnet to have limited angles of effect.

Sorry, I know you’ve hardly even put out your idea, and I’m already jumping on it! :sweat_smile:


Definitely not. Giving daze to all classes on demand would make it far too OP. It’s arguably the most powerful debuff available to players, and so should be limited to a handful of items (on paper stun e.g. is more powerful, but stun is common as every Knight can do it, and bosses are routinely immune to it).

As for confuse as the nerf, there are various ways to mitigate or ignore confuse, especially if you know it’s coming. Rotate so you are going up/left, so confuse does not affect you. An item from The Machine lets you perma-confuse yourself, which lets you adapt, even remap your keys. Or just stand still when you lob this at a boss.


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