New Leo's UPE/PPE/NPE/UNPE Thread


Stanley, being new to the realm decided to explore!

Adventure to Level 20

As Stanley wandered around, he found a small cave. Upon entering he was attacked by evil looking pirates!!! They were surprisingly weak though and Stanley stripped them to look cooler!

Stanley found allies and followed them into a pit filled with snakes. The snakes had cute little rings bound to their tails that Stanley wanted!

Stanley found a massive cavern filled with nice little items. Looks like no one owned them so he just took them for himself. At the center of the caveran stood a golden effigy. Stanley sees ring, Stanley takes ring.

Stanley continues his adventures looting the volcanic land known as the godlands and the dungeons within! Stanley’s gonna be rich!

Level 20 base stats

Stanley feels STRONG! However, after looking at his stats, he can’t help but feel sad. It’s probably due to the lack of the god luck kendo stick. Truly tragic


Stanley continues on his adventure to become STRONGER by looting more and looting faster! His gear is slowly improving!

Small Gear Improvements

Ah the sewers. Why does it smell like shit?

Grind Grind Grind. Loot Loot Loot

While looting a certain dungeon, Stanley suddenly, for absolutely no reason, says “he lives and reigns and conquers the world”. This leads to Stanley’s first “big” drop. Too bad he can’t even use it :frowning:


FUCK. was pasting a screen shot and died

I’ll post how I got there after a bit. Don’t really feel like looking at rotmg right now



Absolute dissapointments


never seen this one b4? Thought it was the mystic st at first


1/8 poggers


oops forgot to record. Maxed vit from O2. Gave inc popper the t6 sheath I got cause what am I going to do with that. Technically cheating (cause I initiated a trade) but it didn’t help me so shhhh






3/8 Gang gang




Small White

And we 5/8


6/8 + white… damn we get these dubs


Planeswalkers aren’t real

Decent. Wish I got something usable but still not bad


fuck it. no more realm for a bit


Considering this was a couple days ago, you might’ve found the skin already, but did you already reset the game at the time of that post? I’ve noticed that for at least the last year, there’s been roughly a 2/3 chance that a skin I consumed didn’t show up in the wardrobe until I reopened the client, this taken from a sample of between 15-20 skins.


Yeah I did finally get it after I reset. That makes sense. I thought just closing the game and opening it would be enough!


Class: Priest
Type: PPE

Boring Gear Improvements


More Boring Small Gear Improvements

1/8 GANG (Maxed Speed)

Another Boring Improvement

DUBS (First White):

2/8 Gang (Maxed dex/spd)



Nice ST!

He tped on me and then slashes. god damn

Quite close to 5/8 too


NPE Time! (Everyone’s favorite!)