New Leo's UPE/PPE/NPE/UNPE Thread


Nope never mind. necro dog. NPE hard died to sprite. not even to boss. to the spooky evil minions. Gonna do a classic wizzy npe isntead


Not showing super low tiered stuff anymore. PBAGS ONLY!

Boring Gear

Normally STS get their own spot but this ST is garbage

Slightly Less Boring Stuff



God damn it. petless public nest was too much. I think it was more stupidity then anything else though. I got caught in stingers cause my speed was too low and I was too far on the edge


make a ninja upe

pets are op bruh… Public nest. We even got two seperate colored mini bees


Days when being a upe sucks… But it’s okay


Bruh fucking goo… didn’t know it could do so much lol


My normal non PPE rogue died b4 hitting 15k so I created a new one

However after a quick check of my vault, I realized something… I can’t make a good rogue. This was about the best bullshit I can pull from up my ass
So then I had a thought. WHAT IF I MAKE A ROGUE PPE AND JUST GET 4/4 (stonks!) and maybe I’ll hit 15k too and then never play rogue again. Similar to the previous set, I’ll only be showing items that drop in pbags or above in order to keep the thread cleanish


FUCK! This one was BULLSHIT. I didn’t even care much about the other ones but this one got hit by corruption phantom doing bs shooting pattern

Significant Drops

Having done 2 decent ones and a couple of garbage ones. I have decided to move on with an assasin upe


After several unsuccessful starts I have my first semifunctional assasin upe!


Was suprised by this! I thought it would be higher chance of one dropping, not a chance of it dropping in a seperate bag so I thought the ep was a fake white at first

Disappointment + Maxed Def

Just more utter disappointment

And my first piece of usable gear (Also I maxed vit at some point but forgot to screenshot apparently)


Max Dex

I’ve gotten it before but it’s still cute

Max Speed

Heard this one was cool. Gonna try it out later!

Bruh I spent so much time farming for the first one of these and now it just falls out of trees (get it. Cause the t is a tree. LAUGH)

One of my happiest moments ruined by the fact I can’t even get a screenshot cause the liquid is constantly pulling me down

Got like 30 attack from wlabs alone and finally maxed that. Straight out wlabs is like the only valid source of atk for ppes

20 spider dens in, we finally got it!! WOOT WOOT! Now I can solo things without crying myself to sleep

Cool Cloak


lol didn’t show it but trust me! rushed a cdepths on this shitty assasin for that final gwis


Alright no more upes/ppes for a bit. fuck me and fuck dammah.


With the death of my samourai (eating malus shots in his death phase), I have decided to make a samourai ppe! Should be fun!


So this is what you’ve been bringing to Shatts ED1.