New Orb in testing


Its niche was both crowd control aswell as helping with targeting bosses. Ofcourse, most of this went to the wayside with everything and its mother being stasis immune, which is why I don’t mind Curse being on Mystic (though, it should be the same duration as the stasis, so its only useful on immune targets or if using the UT forest orb.)


There was a sprite change, and I belive it drops in a white bag now.


Does it drop from Daichi or from Statues. (PLZ say it drops from Statues.)


When you kill the statues it opens up Dachi’s study. so far in there you need to kill this table looking thing which can drop pots, exa rings and the set (i’m assuming it drops the full set from it not 100% sure).


I really enjoy that mystic is somewhat a jack of all trades in that it has so many choices available to it. It can Stasis, Curse, Slow, Berserk, Speedy, Damaging, why not Paralyze? It’s frickn’ cool, man!


Orb drops in a white bag now, I got one from Daichi when I soloed the temple (its drop rate is 100% for PT


rename it into orb of shocktrap


So when you kill Jade and Garnet, it doesn’t drop Mountain Temple?


This is fun to spam.


Would be a good balance if it would heal enemies.


Oh never mind I thought you men’t the a statue in the actual mountain temple. The jade and garnet drop the mountain temple. In the mountain temple there are these stone statues which need to be killed to open the troom (dachi’s study).


Basically, I agree with everything @Xaklor said. This thing has the potential to be completely broken. Paralyze at the range of a wizard spell??? It’s an overpowered mix between an archers ability and a wizards spell.

Anyways, side note: If people yell at mystics already for statising things, maybe this will help make people hate mystic less?

Another side note: I play mystic 80% of the time I play the game.


Ohhhh. So there is a T-Room now?


T for Tokin?


An orb that paralyzes enemies and doesn’t inflict stasis?


As much as I like that idea, I can’t help but feel like it could be used for trolling in some way.


Someone said it dropped in a blue bag but when I got it about yesterday it was in a white bag.


It did drop in a blue bag but it was updated to drop in a white bag


Yea there is a troom now


I got it before it dropped in a white and before the orb got re-sprited