New player looking for guild [USE]


Hi all,

New player in the USE server looking for a guild. I realize the game has been around for ages, but this is my first few days playing and looking for a guild to hang out with in my adventures.


Hey @kurkitsune should we recruit this guy?


I saw this post actually. I was thinking about it, but it’s easier to help new players through speech rather than text. If we set up a Discord for our guild, maybe, though I don’t have a microphone.

Aside from that, we’d be happy to take you in @Vasarious!

NubieDubie and I are leaders of The Holograms, and if you’re willing to change servers and are interested, pm one of us, or the founder, Sebguy, though they haven’t been on in a while lmao in game or set up a time for us to meet, and we’ll recruit you in!

We don’t really have a goal aside from just chatting and having fun. That’s subjective though.


Maybe il try discord too, even without a mic.
Do you think that windows xp can run it?


If it’s your own computer, consider upgrading to at least windows 7


Does it cost money?


Yes. If you don’t have the money to upgrade then XP is fine.

Although if your computer is decent then discord should work fine


K then


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