New Tome Idea (W.I.P)


Item Name: Tome of Sacred Punishment (UT)

Cost: 200 MP

Range: 5

Effects: (Party) Healing for 10 seconds (Self) Healing for 10 seconds (Self) Attack Boost for 10 seconds (Self) Stun for 3 seconds (Enemies) Stun for 5 seconds (Enemies) Cursed for 5 seconds

Description: “A tome only given to the most sacred of holy followers, allows the user to smite their foes, rendering them weak and defenseless.”

(This is my first ever item idea, and second ever post, please be honest but fair :D)


Just going to talk about the negatives:

Little too high for an MP cost, even higher end tomes like Prot or Geb only take 120.

Why are there two contradicting buffs on one ability? Why not just make it a 7 second attack buff?
You also need a more specific number. Does the attack buff scale with wismod? how much is the base buff?

I feel as if a 5 tile stun would be a little too strong, and curse on a tome is already on a necronomicon.
also an attack buff, a curse, a stun, and long lasting healing buffs seems pretty strong.

mmmmmmmmmm. can’t guarentee fair, but i promise honest.


Just as a reminder, party effects carry over to the spellcaster.


Thanks! I really shouldn’t have made this post, as I don’t know the standards for most tomes, abilities, etc… It sounded much better in my head, tbh.


No, no, its a really good idea. The purpose of this part of the forum is to have people comment, and you can learn by this. By learning from your mistakes, you will create better ideas.


This is very similiar to Tome of Holy Furor.


Might be too much, if you get what I mean. Most abilities keep things relatively simple and stick with few effects.

No worries. I remember my first post was way crappier than this. Keep up the effort, and you’ll improve pretty quickly!


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