New Years Giveaway! (Decas and Pixies and Nothing) [CLOSED]


Here was the list of people who entered:

And here were the winning numbers:


Send me a message on realmeye so we can coordinate a time to give you your prize. (Choose between a Deca or a Pixie)

To everyone else:
Better Luck Next Time! :slight_smile:

Herro! I am hosting a new giveaway today! If you want to enter, follow the simple steps below. :slight_smile:

Listen to my new song and like the video:
Click Here for Song

Subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already.
Click Here for Channel

Comment down below on this REALMEYE post with your YouTube username. Tell me if you liked the song or not and please give me any feedback. This is the most important step so I can know who entered.

That’s all!
On January 6th, I will distribute the yummy prizes! I will choose 5 random people to each win a prize!

Winners can choose one of the prizes below:
Ring of Decades :o
Pixie Enchanted Sword ^-^
Nothing if they want >.>



It was pretty good. User was Steven Huang


YouTube username is Bred Turtles
It sounds really cool, I like it.


Thank you for entering! Also, your profile picture is soooo adorable! <3


waw tis you again!! :DD

great song as usual :3 very chill-desu uwu

Youtube username is The Pathogen


it was awesome play youtube:derpderpxc


wawwww tis u again!!! ty for entering >.>


My Youtube username is “Bob Mine”. Personally, I didn’t really like the song, but that’s probably just because I’m not very into solo piano music.


VidManic864, song was decent but not something I would listen to usually.


I liked the song. It was super lit. Keep up ur hard work. Username is Ice_savage


Thank you for the nice comment! Good Luck and thank you for entering!


Honestly I’m not a big piano fan, but I thought the music was pretty alright

Daniel Gao


Thank you for entering!


I liked the music quite a lot!
Username is Leevan


Not my type of song but it was good I didnt hear any mistakes. user: Blake Welch


Hi! I disliked the audio quality but I absolutely loved the music. It reminds me of a game I played, Fausts Alptraum which was incredibly atmospheric. It’s actually quite down my alley.

My yt username is Yunzhe Li ^^


Thought it was pretty good, left a comment with an idea! Thank you for doing a giveaway
Names Its Vaporwave on YT


Love this type of music, but I really don’t know enough to offer some good feedback. Looking forward to hearing future songs :)) Username is Colin Frame


Youtube usename: Leo He
The music seems okay. However, it simply isn’t what I would normally listen to.


Its pre good better then i thought username is Natsu kingz