Nexus dungeon popping room


Instead of popping dungeons in nexus or a realm, why not have a room designated and designed around dungeon popping. My thoughts were to have a portal in nexus that leads to a room where there are:

-2 NPS’s, one like Guil who gives hp and mp pots on command and one that is for dungeon popping.
-The NPC for dungeon popping would require you to “show it” that you have the key and in return it gives an option to send a notification to nexus and all realms that said key is being popped.
-The opener should also be able to set player amount limits and be able to kick people from said dungeon ( I know you can do this in bazzar).
-A cool feature would to also be a leaderboard with the top 10 of players with most keys popped.
-and a timed leaderboard for each dungeon for fastest runs of a specific type of dungeon. This would be
good for the discords and guilds that do “World record runs”
-People could “gift” the popper through the NPC and it would send the item/s to their gift chests (except soulbound items of course).
-Also because this would be a room dedicated to dungeons popping, disable popping in nexus and bazzar and maybe in the realms?
-Additional portal inside for “invite only” dungeon pops

This is all i can think of and as more ideas come to me i will add to it. I am not able to sprite anything so this would have to be a written idea unless if DECA ended up actually implementing this they would have to do the sprites


Right now this idea seems very WIP, but it has a very nice concept, try expanding on it more.

Moved to WIP


I believe those who pop can already kick unwanted players, due to the game update.

Overall, a really fantastic idea! I first thought this would just be a simple room for dungeon popping, but I see you put some cool features as well. I would also love to see the leaderboard thing. I’m sure DECA would like it because players would get more motivation to buy Keys.


You can kick, but only if a dungeon is opened in the bazaars. Just wanted to point that out since what you said kinda makes it seem like you can kick out people even if the dungeon isn’t popped in the bazaars.


Absolutely not. This might be a nice feature for people who want COMPLETE control over everything in their dungeon pops, but some people aren’t anal and just want to pop dungeons. We want to call in realm and have 20 people tp instantly and be done, ez. This just adds so many extra steps and makes it harder to do quick and easy stuff.


Rather than being a room within Nexus on every server, why not dedicate one server to this idea? The issue I see, as one who plays in USNW, there a ton of poppers in the bazaars and in nexus, so many often the server is laggy in realms. Usually there are only two realms open with less than 10 players in each. The rest are running Halls or some other event/dungeon.

This may not be the best idea, but I see a lot of issues with hordes of players waiting in one room, on every server, for someone to use a key.


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