Now how to open multiple RotMG Exalt?


Now how to open multiple RotMG Exalt?


Click at your own risk, it leads to the r/RotMG reddit, which I believe DECA endorses (judging by how it is linked and displayed in the game and launcher. I am not 1000% sure I am allowed to post any links of any kind, but I’ll take the risk.

The reddit guide will show you a step by step way to open multiple Exalt instantances.

Edit: This is the latest method I know of, and it works for me perfectly.

Edit 2: This subreddit is also useful for the latest fixes for any Exalt shenanigans, because usually posts to fix stuff like disconnects and infinite dc’s are stickied at the top of the subreddit homepage.

Edit 3: The guide mentions installed Process Monitor (which is small, official, COMPLETELY FREE, and easy to install), but be very careful about where you get it. It is an official program created, distributed and programed by Microsoft. Please only download the official version, which is here:

If you do not trust me, you can search up “process monitor” on your web browser (mine is Google Chrome/Google) , and it should be the first result that pops up.

Edit Quadruple: The reason why I said to only download the official version is because a lot of scammaz and big trollas fake official windows software, and hide malware behind it (this is the case for everything in the internet, but especially windows and microsoft). Some even trick you into paying for free windows software! Only get your stuff from trusted sources and the direct source.

Edit: If on Mac, this is the “old method” the guide is talking about: If you have any questions, just read the comments, look around by Googling things (such as “open multiple exalt window”), and good luck!


Think you mean Reddit


Yes, ty for letting me know


There is another (more comfortable) way to open multiple exalt sessions at once. I already shocase my tool for that a while ago (in it’s early stages) here.

It is currently in the version 1.4.2, available here:

I am currently working on a big update with statistics and some more changes.
Not to sure if I am allowed to post it here, but it is mostly published elsewhere.




Hey, I tried using your method however it just gives me an “Oops…” message when login into the game. Would you know how to fix this?


That can have one of 2 reasons:

A) Your game is no updated (currently needs to be done via the original launcher) - You need to start the game once via the original launcher after each update.
B) The Token is not valid, in this case just generate a new one by clicking the button to the right of the play-button.
Note: You will need to generate a new token after each login via the original game-launcher.
Tokens are the new “way to login”, basicly you send a webrequest (/account/verify) to with the expected parameters and get some data + token as an answer.
These tokens are valid for about 15 days and stored localy, if a new one is generated already, the game will tell you “oops…” and close the connection.

Hope that helped.




I wrote it there (maybe I need to create a whole new thread???), but my MD version is working, alongside OCL, so you can just use it :stuck_out_tongue:


I also have the same problem (Token for different machine)

What I have tried:

  • launch with account manager
  • renew, wait until renew is finished (green bg dissapears), launch with account manager
  • renew, launch with account manager (before green bg dissapears)
  • launch one account by Exalt launcher and other with account manager



Good find, I will release my Exalt Account Manager here in a short while aswell, wich is a Launcher that is not based on shortcuts and comes with alot of more features cool features like statistics, release will happen maybe this weekend or a bit later.
An early version of it did find it’s way to a post of mine here aswell, even tho it was… quite basic - but functional.


Try to check the log for any errors, also try to remove and re-add the account as that is going to delete all it’s saved data.
If you leave the Account name blank while adding the account, the tool is going to check the credentials and grab the username if they are correct. Indicating it is working.