Exalt Account Manager


I just found that there is no public tool for easy account switching for exalt, so I just made one on my own.
Here is what I came up with:

Main features

  1. Quickly open exalt with different accounts.
  2. Open multiple instances of Exalt at once with the click of a button!
  3. AES 128 encrypted save-file.


Opened Exalt using my tool

Opened Exalt two times with different accounts

How does it work?

All it does is starting the “RotMG Exalt.exe” with the needed start-arguments.
Also to make it quick to use I integrated a simple account list for fast access to you accounts.
The accounts will be saved localy (on the path the tool is in, named as EAM.accounts) encrypted with AES128 to stop others from reading your passwords.

How can you get it?

Currently I am not sure if it is even okay to tell you about it, so I will keep it private for now, BUT am willing to share the source / tool if wanted & allowed.

Hope you like it, like you liked my Ping checker back then.



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Thanks, there’s already software that does it but it’s… ah… owned by certain TOS breaking persons and has TOS breaking features, so yeah can someone vouch for the legitimacy of a product you’re required to enter sensitive information into?


I can make this open-source if needed, I did the same with my ping checker.
And I can guarantee you it is nothing harmfull. That said, anybody would say that.
I like that you are interested in it but also carefull!

Ping Checker post


Forgot to mention, if you want a way to do that without my tool, do something like this:

  1. Create a folder for your different shortcuts.
  2. Got to "C:\Users%username%\Documents\RealmOfTheMadGod\Production make a shortcut to the “RotMG Exalt.exe”
  3. Edit that shortcut (rightclick -> Properties) under target you add this:
    3.1 To get the base64 password / email just use this site: https://www.base64encode.org/
    3.2 The result should look something like this:
    “C:\Users\Maik8\Documents\RealmOfTheMadGod\Production\RotMG Exalt.exe” “data:{platform:Deca,password:MTIassadfsdslol==,guid:bWNotMyMailLmRl,env:4}”
  4. Rename that shortcut and move it into your shortcut folder.
  5. ???
  6. Profit!

Got any problems following this? tell me and i will make better instructions with pictures.

Question about mules

You definitely don’t want to use that site unless you want to send them your email and your password.


Just google for string to base64 encoder and find one yourself, was the first one i have found.


You won’t be allowed to share this. I know this from personal experience.


Okay than, didn’t do it since even my ping checker wasn’t allowed (deca said so)…
And you type your login data into this tool, even tho it does not send or steal these data in anyway, it still safes them on your hard drive (AES 128 encrypted, but still).

I guess for the “normal” player the other way i mentioned (with the shortcuts) would be the best one you can do. The advantage is that it’s possible to have multiple exalt sessions at once.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The shortcuts won’t open another exalt instance IF there is already one opened through the exalt launcher!


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