Now LudwiGa has a ppe thread yay


So I tried a sammy but didn’t work soo
And now I tried a necro ppe too, same thing :stuck_out_tongue:

So it is time for another warrior!

t8 sword+para spd

t6 armor

owo para hp

t4 helm

Oh I got a fire sword but no ss please dont hurt me its legit I SWEAR

More warrior PPE stuff

owo acclaim from mgm


look inc

thougt it was fake because it was too high, but it happens that it was real :stuck_out_tongue:

for who doesnt know, there are two bags because the loot doesnt fit in only one, but only one white (spirit dag)

yay t5 helm


Oh look a top

died because not paying attention :stuck_out_tongue:


Today I did a mystic ppe but was too lazy to screenshot, only good loot I got was st cloak


OwO, and also, here are the stats and set:


owo astral


t4 orb


2/8 att and past 1K fame


3/8 vit


more loot :open_mouth:


Ain’t you gonna use resk conflinct on ppe?


Gave up on being PPE


ok someone close this thread now…


Noooo let it live


but its not a ppe though…


Will be making more PPEs soon


Coming soon


ew mundane conversation bro im gonna block you


Roll +items


That entire roll is a big oof

Only mp and wis are positive