Now LudwiGa has a ppe thread yay


drunk like 2 wis already lel


My fucking god its my first scutum (had one reskin once but who cares)!


It looks like i have a new fan!

@CapSykon :heart:


I want more PPEs


bad rolls but good luck, that’s how it always is. Also my huntress isn’t dead… yet


Why is everyone copying me :wink: First Gzzio getting a edictum now you with the scutum
smh be original
jk keep up the great work


Pretend the necro didnt die
I will make another one as soon as I get home
pretend it was a suicide because of bad rolls
or maybe i do a mystic
What do you guys think?

  • Necro because I need stars
  • Mystic and I don’t have to tell why.

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better poll

  • Mystic because it sax :saxophone:
  • necro because why not
  • trickster because best class

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I voted for mystic because it had a saxophone in the option and I play the saxophone. Sax gang rise up


A better poll

  • Priest Class
  • Healer Wand Class
  • A Class that unlocked if you level wizard to level 5
  • Tome Ability Class
  • Cleric

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I’m not even sure that it would be legit as a EP since I was with clover but here it is


So long not playing wizzy made me feel like even the t0 spell was op…
Oh boi I’m a killing machine


f for the wizzy




A new challenger joins us…

and he uses google chrome…


I mean I wouldn’t drink any life pots but… Thats sad


Ludwiga is going to learn that there is basically no consistent way to get mana drops on Chrome as all the dungeons that drop it cause dcing (with the exception of Ice Caves, but LotLL causes near instant dcs)


I use chrome :stuck_out_tongue:


Abort plan, I cant play on chrome it is super bad so I am going to start a new ppe on my main account