NyanGamer tries to get good [yet another bad ppe thread]


Just another PPE thread, as if we don’t have enough.
So, what class should I start on?

  • rogue
  • archer
  • wizard
  • priest
  • warrior
  • knight
  • paden
  • assassin
  • necro
  • huntress
  • mystic
  • trickster
  • sorcerer
  • ninja
  • samurai
  • bard
  • close this thread, we already have like 10 billion ppe threads

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I swear, that was the first roll.

But for real
cmon guys
we know what needs to be done
we all know
assassy boy


Do assassin ppe! I never see ppl do em


fine, yall are evil

why i hate assassin ppe, if anyone cares

last assassin ppe, i grinded for t3 abilities for like a couple hours, and i got enough t3 spells alone to max a divine, but NOT. A. SINGLE. POISON. And as soon as my assassin died, literally the first god i kill, a t4 poison. i was pissed.


most of my ppes look like npes at the beginning because i forget my pet, and then i’m too lazy to go get it

also, im an impatient leveller lmao

don’t worry tho, imma try again


also, if a ppe reaches at least 800 death fame/is 4/8, i’ll consider it good enough and move on to the next class.

my pet


Just go for T6 in WC.


first loot i consider worth mentioning

haha image go brr

in all seriousness tho, i play on several computers, and the lag i experience is entirely dependent on which one i use. Usually, that’s the shitty school chromebook that once DC’d me in my VAULT. I use a better one if I can, but it’s usually the chromebook.


Getting stuck with a T0 item is annoying for sure, but it’s not the worst thing ever. A lot of my own PPEs (wizard, im looking at u) have beefy weapons and armors but a garbage ability (t0 spell, im looking at u) that seems to heal enemies rather than damage them. Best piece of advice: Just play along. In this case, you gotta ra-ta-ta that poison spam.



roll isn’t bad


i’m actually really happy about this, see why i didn’t like my last sin ppe
watch daggers suddenly stop existing now lmao


a couple more upgrades. sorry for the poor quality, i got mobbed by demons



I once got T5 seal, para hp, and wc tops armor on a pally PPE and still had a t0 sword because apparently the game hated that paladin


lmao looked at map for a half second

Ninja’s next


Respect the slimes


first decent gear


Heh. I’d say the game loved it enough to bless it with those items.


It was merely teasing me, it didn’t matter how good my items were, my dps was relatively pathetic


got a chest

nothing too good though


holy crap i forgot to upload so many things

sorry, lost the roc leather screenshot