O3 Tips


I am starting to do O3’s. I am pretty competent at VOID and MBC. The mini-bosses have not been giving me trouble and I have been able to make it to exalted phase quite often. Any tips as to getting by exalted phase? Because I just get wrecked :joy:


In celestial phase, stay near a carpet and just dodge.



Cone Starship level is a good representation of celestial


Thanks for the tip! :+1:t2:


I’ll give it a try, thanks for the tip! :+1:t2:


Two big things can help you learn O3.

  • Bring as many health ichors as you can. Make sure your quick slot is hotkeyed and spam these bad boys instead of panic nexusing. With six ichors in the slot you have 900 HP on tap. If you fill up your whole inventory you can carry 22 into Oryx 3. That’s a grand total of 3,300 HP.
  • Use just-dodge. It has simulators for two miniboss phases (miasma and 3rd counter) and O3’s celestial which are often difficult for new players. Get these down and the real thing will be much easier.


Yea, I love spamming HP pots but I do need to get more Ichors in my gameplay. I’ll give the simulator a try too! Thanks for the tips! :+1:t2:


That tip might not be that great because i have a skill issue in celestial phase so take it with a grain of salt.

I saw it on a video of somebody that had less skill issues.


For me this is really only possible with a lot of experience and really good micrododging. For me celestial is easily handled by starting just barely to the right of a carpet where the first gap in the pet stasis spiral starts, then slowly rotating counterclockwise to stay within that gap. Ive found that if you stay very close to where the portal is rotating, the first shot after the gap is where the last shot before the next gap will be
As with anything its best to start by staying close to the outside so you can have more time to react to and dodge the shots from oryx, and as you gain experience and recognize patterns you can go further inwards and pre-emptively know where to stand and rotate to, but remember the pet stasis shots get closer toward the center of the room so it becomes slightly harder to fit in the gap


I don’t have the best english here, I know that’s minor and has nothing to do with it, but I made a guide ( I don’t think there’s any other guide on Realmeye )

O3 Guide - The Academy / Guides - Forum | RealmEye.com


Thanks for the follow-up!


Thanks for the advice!


I’ll give it a look, thanks!


Play on ranged characters they really help and just kinda of leech but also get in damage for the group. Bard is a pretty nice character to play with as you can give yourself extra range to push in for further and longer. Just remember to get a snake charmer lute before heading in, it’ll help a lot.




Ranged classes are squishy though, and on your first O3 you’re trying to, um SURVIVE.

You have many opportunities to do damage though and is why I recommend Warrior with at least 40 speed.
Tricksters good but you’re missing the fun of O3s


I have been going on warrior because it has the speed boost but also a bit more tankier, I don’t have too much problem getting damage onto O3; just getting through exalt phase.


Ok so what I got from this is go from one carpet to another, and hang near the towers sometimes, these are very helpful though so thanks :slight_smile:


I think this is a good time to bring up that I do not screen rotate, now before you flame me, I have never rotated and it has never given me a problem and I have learned all the other end-game dungeons without rotating and have no problem doing them (Yes I know I am bad for not rotating).


NO ROTATION GANG!:muscle::ok_hand:
probably just due to lack of skill on my part, but…