Old man, New player, Looking for Guild


I have no idea how or why I got into playing RotMG. I played for like ten minutes, probably a million years ago, and decided to give it a shot again about a week ago. Funny thing; I’m enjoying it (I suck, but whatever). I figured I’d join a guild to shoot the sh*t while trying not to die, so I joined one…and although the folks were super friendly, they’re not exactly in my age bracket.

Are there any guilds out there comprised of old farts (46) such as myself? I’m not looking for handouts, hand-holding, or handjo…anything else hand-related, just some folks my age to type nonsense to while we’re playing.


edit: I suppose I should add that I live in the southeast US, and have been playing on USE servers, but I’m cool with any of the US servers.


Ok, how about just a guild with older people? Like maybe five people over the age of 32 or something?


Rare in this type of game. Usually (no offense) older people have slower reaction time when it comes to bullet hells.


I’ve only met two people in-game of that age range. One is in my guild, but I’ll echo about not being sure as many exist. And if they do, they’re probably more quiet.

Just a mild suggestion, perhaps you could open a guild yourself and post its existence, targeting that age range? If no-one claims you, that could be a good second step, uniting those who may not be bold enough otherwise!


I thought about starting a guild myself, but figured I’d want to be a bit more experienced in the game first. I’ll keep a look out, and might go ahead and start something up eventually!


I am pretty sure I heard about a guild with people who were mostly in their late 20s to 30s; it was like a year ago so I don’t remember the names. Someone who was staff in a raiding discord mentioned it (they were a member I believe). I think I saw that they had posted on the official discord though; if you search there you might have some luck. They may no longer be together though.