Parasite Chambers Dialogue


I’ve always thought Parasite Chambers didn’t really have much dialogue which I thought it really deserved. So I thought of some things the boss could use for dialogue.


The fact there is no dialogue gives it a more ominous atmosphere in my opinion.






What about actual sound, instead of text? Would stay true to the ambience while adding that extra spookyness.


could you goddamn imagine walkin into one of those motherfuckers and a goddamn WREEAAAAGHASHDA fuckin comes from outta nowwhere im goddamn out



I mean, are we still talking about the parasite boss? Cuz you should’nt be able to not know you are about to enter its room, with the little flag telling you where it is.

But I can easily imagine myself seeing a painling rushing to me with its awful SKRIIIIIIII and get me like

:musical_note: fuck :notes: this :notes:shit :notes: imout :musical_note:


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