Patch – Remember the Nil


I swear if they EVER lay a finger on my bulwark, I will probably cry a little, and then a lot. The void blade was my second favorite weapon in the game. I’m going to miss it. :sob:


Same feeling here, except I would more likely quit.

though they’ll never touch EP ever, so im safe, maybe


Skill is needed yes but a bit too overpowered? And to the point that death animation does not exist?


Nope, not overpowered at all. Especially because you can only use it on two classes.


Then how insta-killing is possible?


Insta killing anything is extremely hard and requires loads of coordination. I’ve literally never seen something instant killed other than snake pit troom (once) in almost 4 years of playing


This doesn’t mean that it’s not possible.
The very fact that it was possible on a variety of bosses was unintended, and thus, the weapon had to be changed.
Clamoring that it takes skill to know where an enemy would go seems far-fetched to me. It requires coordination, sure, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that, compared to a similarly cooperative group of a mixture of classes instead (with perhaps even “better” gear) would need to still do the entire boss fight, compared to literally skipping over it.

Besides, it’s not like that niche of lining up shots has suddenly just up and vanished. It takes slightly over a second for the shots to even start moving, so it’s still very much possible to lay down some traps; the difference now is that you can’t stack as many in one spot, which is what caused the instakilling in the first place.
Now you can still deal a lot of damage if you know what you’re doing and if the situation is right, which is pretty much what the Void Blade should offer, without any dumb instakill possibility attached to it.


I think the void blade dps will be better now - you can switch out of vblade with the shots still in the air for a burst of damage from what is essentially 2 katanas at once.


Yes. When I had first heard of the changes, I was worried, but when I had a chance to actually go and use the void blade that I own, I wasn’t really upset anymore. With how close I’m usually getting to enemies/bosses as it is anyway, my shots are landing before they even launch, sometimes even hitting unintentional enemies in the background with that extra launch range! The only thing I miss is the fun, controlled patterns that I used to make now, really ;^;


Wait so realmers were just afraid of change and exaggerating? Nooooo wayyyyyyy :wink: /s

Seriously though, there’s obviously going to be a new niche developed for it. It had been considered next to useless for around 1-1 1/2 years before people found a widespread use for it. Sure, it’s frustrating to have the skills you developed for the vblade to basically become obsolete, but it doesn’t have the doomsday level implications that a lot of people were saying…


Wait huh? A lot of people were afraid of Void blade’s change? Impossible. Haven’t seen anyone use it before the update.


(Maybe it had to do with me hardly ever actually seeing anyone run the former sewers design because it was deadly to rush, and the Troom was rare.)


I’m sure vblade dropped from the boss too.




The ninja ppe! I remember reading that…


Yes, but I meant that the lack of Trooms lowers the chances further; 2/4 of my VBlades were obtained from the boss, after all


It does play into that, but I think the main reason for it back then was because people would feed it or outright drop it.

Or maybe they only used it in little situations, and I never could catch their build. Got allied proj deactivated btw.


I don’t understand why people use the word fair and balanced in a pve game. Your argument would have merit if it was a st item or something. It’s a white bag only 2 classes can use. The weapon doesn’t have the potential anymore because now you have to do a lot more calculations which in the dungeons deca are going out that won’t be the case. Most of the end game dungeons are already unfriendly to mc lose range classes as is. And unlike the melees who have other ways to completely change the fight for groups when raiding the ninja and samurai who’s purpose is to inflict as much damage as possible don’t . You can’t all willy nilly use the void blade to skip phases unless you’re a skilled player. It’s just like soloing many of the end game dungeons. I doubt deca makes it so you can do that so what should they do about that. Nothing is what they should do about it. They could’ve just nerfed the damage a little bit or make it so the shots disappeared sooner. That would accomplish their problem. But they made the weapon not only into a completely different weapon. But nerfed the ability while doing so which is a double whammy


They could’ve and should’ve made it so the the shots have a lower lifespan of bullets and it solves the same issue without completely making it so the weapon is no longer the weapon it was for a long time.


Regardless of that, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of a massive portion of the playerbase funding another way to someone else’s efforts/god-like abilities. Discord steamrolling (or the early fame-trains, but I’ll give those a pass for inevitability. As long as it wasn’t hacker based I considered those within reason) is an example of that, and as an extremely early example, waiting in someone to rush select dungeons. Actually, many dungeons, now. If the rusher dies out takes too long, people tend to leave. Not always; I think some well placed STs bolstered players to actually run dungeons en-masse, like the OT; nonetheless, the principle remains. How bare-bones do you want the game to be? I personally like finding ways to prevent the laziness and the reliability of a few MVPs rather than creeping ever closer to a loot-box simulation.

Just a humble opinion, not a direct critique.