Pet Wardrobe


Can anyone get a size comparison picture of what a Common with divine skin looks like, as opposed to an actual Divine with divine skin?




stolen from here, and just tried the exact steps, it definitely works



Doesn’t seem to actually work when you try to switch though, despite it showing up as unlocked.


The good ole “Start high and end lower” to make the masses happy with a still broken system. I have a divine pet, I shouldn’t have to pay for a skin change when I already throw money at you to get the skin.


unless you’re hugely p2w, by the time you get a divine pet it shouldn’t be hard to scrounge up 1000 fame.


QoL thing: pressing your interact key equips pet. Doesn’t work for Wardrobe though. :c


Will this be retroactive, because a lot of people have divines and have used a pet skin, could we possibly get our divine pet sprites back, the original ones, if not the pet stones as well?

I am aware that the pet logs are kept, and I don’t believe it’d be too hard to go through and give people back their original divine pet sprites. As a thank you for actually putting in the time/money/effort of playing the game and getting a divine.


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