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Public Testing #7 - Status: Closed

So what gonna happen to my legendary pet with fusion golem (divine) skin?

@Krathan :thinking:


Feeding items from your backpack is currently impossible and they cant be switched without leaving the yard


Uh, there’s no button to upgrade my pet yard so I can’t even hatch the eggs to test





The fame cost for switching abilities is egregiously expensive.

20 gold/200 fame for same family swaps.

900 gold/9000 fame for different family swaps.

Charging any amount of fame or gold for using an item already purchased or earned seems really low brow. I feel actually discouraged from spending money on pet skins now as if I even get what I want I’ll still have to spend 9000 fame to even swap to the skin. You may think that it’s just fame and it’s no big deal but fame takes a lot of time to get. I don’t appreciate having my time be wasted just to simply use a cosmetic item I had already purchased.

It can be said that it’s only expensive to swap between families and that it’s not an issue. None of my pet stones match my pet’s family and I see 0 reason why this could even be an excuse for such outrageous prices. It’s like anti-monetization. This actively deters players from spending gold on pet skins outside their family. Most players will begrudgingly pay the 9000 fame to swap to their skin of choice then never touch the system again as every single skin swap every single time is most likely going to be 9000 fame.

Take this example. I want to use a pegasus pet skin and run around a field a bit. I have to pay 9000 fame to swap my aquatic pet to the ??? steed. Okay, that hurts. Now I want to go do a LH, I want to have a divine sprite out so people know my pet’s strength. 9000 more fame to swap back to aquatic. I’m done with that, 9000 fame to swap again if I feel like using some other skin. See how this would deter players from actually playing with their cosmetics?

I really hope some other form of monetization can be found. My suggestion is to let us buy random pet stones straight from the wardrobe and to allow us to reroll 2 pet skin unlockers into 1 new pet skin. Market towards collector players who want to completely fill out the wardrobe, don’t just add some general entry fee and gouge out every single player for even utilizing the system.

Thanks for reading my feedback.


9k fame to switch families is way too much.


switching same family should be 40g/400f
switching families should be 200g/2000f

but 20g/200f all the way to 900g/9000f is way too large of a difference


Mostly what you said. It’s mind boggling pet wardrobe is nothing like character wardrobe. I’m disappointed that we have to pay again even for something simple like reverting a skin change.

Here is my proposed change:

  • straight-up one time low cost for consuming a pet skin

  • families are unlocked. One-time high-but-not-too-high cost for unlocking a new family for your pet. (So a pet can assume multiple families)

  • no cost for switching skins within unlocked families


Since i already have a divine pet, my main concern is this. I don’t want to truly switch families, i just would like to switch skins. so maybe have an option to switch to another families skin, without changing the family of your current pet. Meaning, have the pet family changer be mainly for those who need to utilize it for the fusion benefit. 200F is fine, but the 9,000 to switch to my three already purchased skins that i have been saving is a little ridiculous. Especially since we won’t be able to switch between the base skins that the fusing gives. like i can’t switch from one robot divine to another robot divine unless i fuse a whole other robot pet. which btw does not guarantee that you won’t end up with the same skin that you had just got before. JUST LET US CHOOSE OUR PET’S SKIN. ffs. dont even bother doing this if it doesn’t add anything extra, but only costs extra. I’ll just pass on getting pet skins from now on. tbh


I don’t understand the purpose of asking for fame while switching skins inside of one family. It doesn’t serve any purpose rather than cosmetic, and while I understand the gold/fame cost for switching the family which allows for an easier fuse/pet maxing, I don’t understand why should we pay fame for switching between skins of the same family. I’ll try to explain why I think it’s unfair.

A lot of pet stones already cost gold

We already pay in one or another way to get those pet stones (even “free ones” which drop from event chests did cost money to the player who bought those keys to open event dungeons), and it feels unfair to not be able to use something you’ve already spent money for. Look at the character skin system - it doesn’t cost any fame or gold to switch the skin on your existing character, because people already spent money to buy skins or grinded dungeons/events hard to get them, indirectly paying for them via keys. Sure there are free skins and pet skins, but just because some of them are free it doesn’t mean that switching should cost anything, even fame.

Fame is not that easy to get as it seems

I do realize that Deca is designing this from the perspective of fame farmers who have tons of extra fame on their accounts without any reasonable ways to spend it besides feeding pets, but I think that it’s not the case for the majority - a lot of people struggle to get fame and have to farm it for expensive pet feeding/pet yard upgrades.

For a reference, here’s how my graveyard looks like. I rarely die normally and during my playing time my alive characters earn more UT items I could afford to feed to my pets because feed cost is high (350 per feed for a legendary pet). I have full vault with 100 chests unlocked and 65 character slots (half of which are storing items) and I still have to do regular fame farming to simply free some room on my characters/in my vault and get rid of unwanted UTs. My pet yard is already a huge fame sink I cannot afford, and I hate fame farming and suiciding 200+ base fame characters which don’t actually play the game instead of getting the fame by normally playing the game and getting better at it. Basically game progress is punishing me for being good at dodging and surviving: instead of being rewarded for my skills, fame stacks on my alive chars for years. The only way to “cash it” is by suiciding, which I won’t do deliberately with my “real” chars, hence the inevitable need of fame farming on throwaways. And don’t even get me started on the horrendous costs of divine pet yard/pet feeding, I’ve been trying to save for the upgrade and failed so many times because I simply needed to clear my vault.

Current fame system is unfair towards skilled players

Fame system in RotMG is horribly flawed atm - it rewards you with virtual “currency” for your fails instead of your achievements, and until it gets a rework I think it’s unfair to ask us to waste fame for switching pet skins if it’s purely cosmetic. However if you rework the system so dying is no longer required to earn fame (or at least major part of it), that might be a fair thing to charge a little for skin changing. A lot of games reward players for their achievements and virtual currency is given for completing missions or tasks - the closest thing we have to that is Tinkerer’s quests but even then you have to die on the character which completed the quest and opened the chest to gain that fame. Make “dead fame” a reward for getting better at the game, instead of being a consolation prize for dying!

“But fame is not even real currency!”

Sure, but considering all the above fame actually costs additional time which could be spent earning real money or enjoying the game instead by actually playing it. Charging additional fame for switching skins inside of one family doesn’t benefit Deca directly, but really hurts players who have to waste time on farming fame only because Deca decided to add another “fame sink”. There are enough of fame sinks in the pet yard even without switching skins, really.

I hope that wall of text will help you to look at those “innocent” 200 fame charges for switching cosmetic only skins from a different perspective, and probably make a decision to make pet skin switching free if it doesn’t change the family, at least until the fame rework.


900 gold to change to a skin that we already had to (probably) pay an enormous amount for or gamble to get? You’re outta your god damned minds.


9K to change pet family ? wat ?

and we will need to pay it again to return to the original pet skin and family …


I like the pet wardrobe, it’s a bit pricey, but it’s not completely unrealistic.


Hey, Krathan, after looking at the pet wardrobe and selecting the skin that another one of my testing pets has I seen that there wasnt an option to just change the skin, you had to change the family too, which costs 9000 fame to do. Is this just because the skin is from another pet that I have that I hadn’t unlocked using the pet unlocker, or will we have to pay this fee every time we want to change our pet’s skin even if we’ve unlocked it with the pet stone?

If we’ll have to pay a fee to change the family every time, can you allow us to just change the skin if we’ve unlocked the skin with a pet stone?


I posted this on the testing server #6 but since this is purely for wardrobe I’ll put it here as well. From what i can tell, it takes the same amount of fame to swap family for a common pet as a rare pet. This should not be. Primarily for consistency, i think the prices should go up with the rarity (as fusing and feeding pets do). For example, for common pets changing family might cost 500, for uncommon it costs 1200, for rare maybe 3000, for legendary 6500, and for divine maybe 12000. (Each time I over double the fame cost, this is because two uncommons will fuse to make a rare, and have the possibility of unlocking a new rare pet skin.)


Could we get some pet skins to test out the wardrobe? Kind of hard to test atm, given we can’t switch to many skins/families. Or provide some eggs of different families etc.


I think it would make sense if you could equip a pet straight from the wardrobe/caretaker, instead of having to run around the pet yard looking for the right pet.


This seems the best idea so far