Pets with backpacks or new ability?


Pets with backpacks?

I introduced this idea to the Realm of the mad god discord, but I also knew that some of some of the community is also located here and I’d enjoy hearing the feed back on the idea of it all. From everyone rather than a section of the community

Heres is the idea!

Be able to give your pet a backpack where it Auto Loots items you want it too, such as health pots or stat pots etc, pet stasis would obviously limit you from stuffing stuff on your pet / allowing them to pick up items.

A benefit of this would have to be the fact that when on death anything the pet carries doesn’t disappear though what i would assume is a negative is that any items on the pet can be seen on any other characters.

Example being: You place an HP pot in your pets inventory, you’d be able to see that same HP pot on every other character that has the Same Pet equipped.

There’s three ways that come to mind in how the pet would be able to achieve this that being, a new ability called Mule or something along the lines of carrying stuff, so what would happen is starting at

~ lvl 0 - lvl 49
1 storage slot
~ lvl 50 - lvl 69
2 Storage slot
~ lvl 70 - 89
3 Storage slots
~ lvl 90 - lvl 99
4 Storage slots
~ lvl 100
6 Storage slots

The other way for this to work is feeding your pet up to 4 back packs and instead of it being as fp the pet now has an extra tab for you to store items on the pet. (The max would be 4 slots for this idea)

The last way would have to be you pay for storage using fame/gold . The first storage costing about 10k fame, with every storage slot it the cost increases by a 100%. Gold would be 400 and it increases by 25% (4 slots would be max here)

New ability for pets called mule, allows you to carry items on pets. (or)
You can feed back packs to pets in order for them to carry items. (or)
You’ll have to pay in order for them to carry stuff.


I was also considering the idea on not making the no item loss thing not too over powered by having it so the pet has a chance of dropping 2-3 items or 4-5 items depending on which one is added. Or if it’s even considered an idea


Well, I think you should only be able to pick things from you pet (probably should have some way to throw the items away anywhere) at your vault or pet yard, because you could just store swapouts on it when you are not using them, which would affect the perma death aspect of the game.
Sorry for any errors my english is bad and I’m on my phone


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I like this, DECA should add better abilties than “rising fury” or “savage” (which is dependent on other abilties to be actually useful) and also Heal Mheal Electric is widely seen as the best. There are so many creative ideas for pets out there, and would actually add variety to your pets, not just everyone with the same thing- heal mheal electric


It’s a constructive response but… 2 months have paseed.






Why is this just now getting more attention, wot the fric


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