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Ok fine I give you 5 Lives.


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The opportunity was there, I had to seize it: Ameonna Redditor

Oh yea and, hhh, big special thanks to whoever gave me my very first gold award! It was anonymous but I really appreciate it so much, along with all of you guys’ support Moddy_-w-%20small


Wow! That looks amazing!


Movin up in the world, and rightfully so!

dont forget ya homies that came from the dirt




Due to an intensive work week back on the first of November, as well as being occupied with character cards, I’ve realised I broke my routine weekly stream, as well as not working on The Realm webcomic D:

It’s time to rectify this and get back into the swing of things, especially now that my work schedule’s more freed up! ^ w ^ b

Full-sized picture of Ameonna’s alternate outfit (I was basically warming up and also experimenting with a different clothing style :>)





A quick comic I did for my guildies, who want dex pretty badly owo
(I didn’t have a chance to give the dex yet ; - ; Perhaps tomorrow)
Based on their two main skins:

Aaaand a random recent streamer header


later that night…


More like need, as Wizard is Dex and Attack-hungry type of class (Ninja falls to second).



Surprise! New Christmas profile pic to celebrate the season~

Gromit Mug.


i approve of grommit mug



Aaaand there’s stream headers 31 to 40! Amassing quite a collection so far…

Stream Headers 1-10

Stream Headers 11-20

Stream Headers 21-30


Unfortunately my guildie’s privated his Realmeye page and went to sleep before I could snatch his character reference, so in the end, I decided to start on this long journey of copying the art styles from my other artist friends! >w>

This first one’s just my usual style of how I draw characters, standard stuff.

Tried to mimic the art style of one of my art inspirations: everything from gritty, non-smooth lines to shading and background. Was pretty refreshing drawing in a different fashion than my usual style! o wo"


This last one was done in MS Paint, cuz the artist I was trying to mimic only draws on MS Paint. I think they draw with a tablet, but I decided to draw with a computer mouse cuz I prefer that over a tablet for MS Paint~



That’s… impressive. Both the different styles and just how much art you manage to create.


does my pfp count as an art style?


D’awww thanks, on that note, here’s more styles to add to the list!

I won’t be naming any of these artists I’m trying to imitate until all 20 are done, so in the meantime, I suppose you could try guessing or speculating if applicable . w.

An attempt was made to imitate quite a popular Japanese artist’s art style! My original art style did take an element or two from her style, it’s so fun being able to try and fully imitate it this time


A spike in difficulty in trying to mimic this artist’s style. Their cartoony style is mixed in with more realistic human features than usual, but at the very least, their shading is easy to copy!


Current Progress:

Small note: Haven’t forgotten about the character cards or comic! Hnnn… I don’t wanna make empty promises, I hope to get both done by Christmas uwu"


here’s a female anatomy tip in case you ever want to retry something like that again: a woman’s hips are roughly as wide as her shoulders. this is regardless of body type (thin, large, or muscular) because it’s based on the underlying bone structure rather than all the stuff padded on those regions. it doesn’t have to be exact because everyone’s bodies are a bit different, so feel free to modify and/or discard this tip if you find it suits a particular art style. my style for example still can’t quite get them equal because of the whole “no necks” thing making the shoulders much wider than normal.





A work of true beauty.