PhantomMod's Art Fiesta


Well, looks like the amount of art I’ve been making is increasing to quite a handful. Rather than continuously make separate threads for each fan-art, it’s time to compile them all into one thread :>

Alright, so to start off, here are some of my existing art pieces, placed here for convenience~

Lil' Bo Peep Mystic

Dark Elf Huntress

Thessal the Mermaid Goddess

Butterfly Wizard and Jaco Pet

I’ll be posting new art pieces in the thread from time to time. Said art pieces will appear below when posted~

Guill and Craig

Shaitan the Advisor


And this post spot is reserved for a special category of fan-art which I’d like to call “Coffee Breaks”. They act sort of a break from RotMG art, yet still affiliated with it because it’s fan-art of fellow Realmers, Forumers, or basically members of the Realm Community!



Whatever comes next, is probably random as I blindfold myself and throw a dart at a wall of random names


Guill and Craig

Just a small piece of fanart to kind of warm myself up. I’ve always imagined them as best friends in a way~


what be this


nice! i remember seeing some of these pics on the subreddit, well i guess now i know who it is


90% sure his name is /u/PhantomMod so…


Shaitan the Advisor

The fiery king of the Djiins that roam the realm. A blazing force that shouldn’t be underestimated, behold Shaitan the Advisor~


Coffee break: Campfires

And yeet, we have our first little coffee break! Campfires is going away temporarily very soon, so I’ll push their fanart as the first to be uploaded~

Actually, I’m u/rotmgmoddy on Reddit~


So cute! Thank you I love it :heart:


I love the Guill+Craig and Shaitan! I see you put quite a lot of effort into these. Good job and keep it up!


Coffee Break: Xaklor the Sorceror
Oh yay, another fanart for another forumer~
I just realised sorcerors are pretty cool, wielding a wand in one hand and a scepter in one hand. Sounds like potential badass artworks of sorceror skins may be imminent :o

  1. bump
  2. I was just going through old threads and found this. You have now given me a HORRIBLE idea (but i’m gonna do it. I’M GONNA DO IT.)
minimized content; this is PhantomMod's art thread and not mine

Basically we take this:
and this
and then make a MASTAPIECE
okay, i’ll give leeks; it has to do something with the thought of Shaitan always doing finger guns when talking to Oryx given… he has actually well-defined hands. But that’s all I have for now, gotta get to production.


Firstly, thanks for the bump, reminds me that I haven’t posted any art recently due to internship work and I should probably dash up something soon! ^-^

Secondly, I’m a sucker for cursed stuff, gotta see what you have planned by combining:
a) That image monstrosity
b) A Kage Kami chocolate cake


That’s actually Burnt Kami The twinky, but I guess he can be made of chocolate too.


Bump anyways nice art you got there


bump (this isn’t considered necro is it???) anyway phanto stop being like th best artist in the world :flushed:


Awww thanks so much peeps~ <3

Sorry that I haven’t been able to post, I haven’t drawn much lately due to another nasty art block. I do have RotMG drawings I’m working on, but I’m not gonna post the WIPs here as I figured it’d probably ruin the surprise early. I was actually planning on sending one just in case June 29 rolled around (as I don’t want this thread to be closed), but looks like my deadline’s been extended ^-^

That being said, will still try to work on it, thanks for supporting me~ :>


lmao i just noticed shaitan have a eye :joy:


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