Please fix oryx sun phase


compared to what. Imagine actually dodging… Do you remember ol’ oryx, the easiest free kill in the game?


He’s still a free kill if you want him to be.

It’s no big secret that the ‘realm’ portion of rotmg has declined sharply.

Clearing realms just isn’t worth much. And killing Oryx just isn’t worth much either.

Honestly I find a coordinated group lost halls to be more satisfying than oryx. As much as I think Halls is an annoying dungeon, marble colossus doesn’t really have an instakill and void doesn’t really (technically stacked shots phase can instakill you) have one either.

Why should the 2 best bosses for loot lack an instakill but one of the worst bosses for loot have one?


The problem with assassin is the same problem with wizard, all I did was use spell bombs during that phase while using off center to have more range. Even then I had oryx at the corner of my screen, focusing on dodging and making sure I landed a decent spell bomb is a bit challenging. Unless your talking about lobing the poisons without oryx on your screen which makes perfect sense, I was actually thinking about playing assassin after my break from realm but I may not ever do oryx again unless the sun phase is changed, removed, or some crazy super overpowered UT that makes everyone have an eyegasm every time they look at it.


By no means I am whining or raging (in your case, i’m not trying to whine or rage). It would be nice if I could have my character back but I have to move on. I simply think it should be changed to avoid the instant kill. The old oryx was definitely too easy unless you got hit by his shotgun but I feel as though deca shouldn’t have made it to where it has an instant death especially since this game is permadeath.


Lol that was exactly what I was thinking


Agree, it’s a bit too difficult.

Yes it seems a step up from all of O2’s other phases and makes it frustrating when you get it.

My main criticism is unlike O1 where if it’s an unliked phase you don’t need to worry as another one will be along in a minute, O2 places us entirely in the hands of RNG. Which would be fine if they were all similar difficulty, but they aren’t.

Maybe simply adding a timer onto the phases would make it less hated. Or something more complex could be done, for example if we don’t complete a phase fast enough, O2 would switch to another phase and heal back up, so a good group will get the standard “2 new phases” fight; a lazy/bad/inexperienced/unprepared group would have to keep going through phases until they have completed 2, but they will still be able eventually to complete it even if they can only do Power (tomatoes) and have to wait for that phase to roll around twice. That’d be better than now where a lot of people just wait it out, contributing to the HPscale but not the DPS.


I know you might not be whining which is why I thouhgt it was a legitimate discussion but it did at least sound like it.

@Backpedal So the question here is what is flawed? The MBC and void, which is run in massive coordinated groups and can be done easily in exchange for some of the best loot in the game or the “original final boss” with the ability to instakill. I personally think that what you’re showing is not that Oryx is flawed but that MBC and Void are way too damn easy.


This is a classic example of playing a scummy ranged class to think you are safe.

The one phase in the entire game that directly targets ranged and u get all pissy. Yet nearly every boss has a phase to directly counter melee these days


This can happen to any class since it ignores armor including melee, it just so happens that I was a ranged class when this happened to me. Also being a 6/8 with old tops in my opinion is not very scummy range class.

As I said earlier, this can happen to any class including melee, it just so happens to affect more range oriented classes because they like to use their range which is reasonable considering that is the point of their job criteria. There are other phases in the game that forces a more tanky style of play like the red dragon in the LOD, janus the doorwrath, Cnidarian Reef, etc.

This is only apparently true because stronger bosses tend to hit harder, so the first groups of people to get hit hard are the melee classes. There are ways melees can counteract the lack of range like the crystal sword, stunning, or using jugg (This is very hard to get which is why warrior is a difficult melee class IMO).

What I got from your post is simply your bitterness of how melees appear to have it to difficult in new bosses when in reality, I had other maxed melees that did just fine when fighting just about any boss except tomb. In fact, I had a pally that could basically get loot better then most range classes when equipped with crystal sword and that was when lost halls just came out. Your idea or what your implying is that melee classes should be better is flawed considering how dominant melee classes were at one point. Now for the most part melee classes are balanced.


Yes you lob the potions with oryx slightly offscreen.


If you’re ranged and still don’t want to go in, I prefer to rotate on the outer areas. Go clockwise, and move where a sun has exploded. Back out when you’re down to half hp to stay safe.


Hmm, lets have a look. From the wiki, the bullets armour pierce, so defence is useless. The main “bullet” deals 250 damage, and then if you are so unfortunate, the other bullets that spawn from it do 6*100= 600 damage. This totals 250+600= 850 hp if you accidentally sit on it. But, to be honsest, lots of things have insta-kill potential. Those bomb artifacts do 180 damage per bomb, and they don’t even glow bright yellow to warn you of there presence. Really, it depends on what sort of game you expect a “bullet hell” to be. I suppose, however, if people really didn’t like this phase because of instakill potential, I would reccomend thi change: Have six big suns, but they only shoot out four bomb blasts. This reduces the damge taken to 650 the price for this “nerf”, is it may become more difficult to weave in between the bullets. Not that this is a problem for a bullet hell game.


MBC and Void pose a group organization challenge, which is completely different from the challenges that Oryx 2 poses. To succeed in Halls you pretty much need the right classes and they need to be at the right locations.

Without discords, Halls would be rarely completed because of these organization requirements. However, once you’re in a discord the major challenge of Halls goes away.

In addition the challenge of Halls has always been getting to the bosses. Crusaders are extremely overpowered and you pretty much need someone to slow/stun them.

I’ve tried Halls a few times with a small number of people and let me tell you the minions are extreme bullet sponges.

Very few people die once you actually get to the marble colossus and void entity.

In all seriousness, I think your dodging skills need to be better for oryx than for an organized Halls run.


You ever done a 10 man void?


Oryx 2 was originally designed as an endgame boss. If you get hit head on by a large sun shot, you will die, and I think the phase was designed this way.


Nope. And I pretty much have no intention of doing that.


I’m really glad that O2 is as difficult as it is now, never change it


The problem with Oryx 2 is that atrocious drop table.

Defense, Attack, Vitality and Wisdom potions, really?
T12 Weapons and T13 Armors, who uses these anyways?
STs, atrocious drop rate because Deca’s bad design. Seriously, selling these on Mystery Boxes while everyone else is basically fucked from the beginning trying to farm for the entire set.

I mean, who really would rather do Oryx 2 over the Secluded Thicket, which drops a ST Set now.

Secluded Thicket drops Defense, Attack, but it drops Mana and Life, unlike Oryx, some white bags, an entire ST Set, along with the extra loot from Janus, and it’s not that difficult compared to Oryx 2’s new phases and it doesn’t need an Incantation or some sort of key.

Oryx need a way better drop table, Oryx hasn’t been the same since the release of The Shatters, on 2013. What a shame.


I personally don’t like losing max characters in a permadeath game due to getting hit with one shot. But that is just coming from a flawed person.


We’re all talking about the sun phase and no one mentions how bs the chase phase is if you’re in a small group, when no one is a trickster, and you aren’t a rogue, You actually have to cheese that phase through the hallway in a small group, because if you try to rotate around the main room you’ll eventually get cornered.

As for the sun phase, I agree, needs more consistency between how the bullets explode. No one wants to eat multiple 100 dmg armor-pierce bullets as they’re circling, and no one wants to be on the receiving end of an 850 dmg explosion. Your best bet is to circle closer so that you don’t get instakilled by an explosion (provided you don’t sit on Oryx himself, which is 1000 dmg). That being said, still sucks because you’ll get whittled down easily by the 100 dmg bullets, so I recommend getting out if you’re down to 400-500hp.