Please fix oryx sun phase


A bold assumption! With some proper footwork, it’s entirely possible to do a damageless Dance phase. I’ve yet to do so, as the best I did was as ~50 speed paladin, getting hit once by a star.

Finally someone who agrees! Chase is basically the worst phase if you don’t have a decent pet/vitality, because you have to tank a shot…or somehow slip past them via eldritch magiks.
Imo, increasing the width between the shots and lowering their frequency should help “fix” Chase.

Back on topic, Suns is probably what I would consider the hardest phase, for pretty much all reasons mentioned above. It’s inconsistent, nearly impossible to dodge, extremely punishing, and therefore lengthens the fight due to the unwillingness of people to go in.

I’d like to bring up a pre-emptive counter-counter-argument on this point:

Let’s compare it to Dance. Dance has three attacks - the red Scarabs circling Oryx (which are non-randomized), the white Stars (which are non-randomized, following two seperate shot angles), and the red bombs (which are, from what I could tell, semi-homing).

Instead of having its “main” bullets randomized like Suns (where the small, 100-damage shots take up the most room), only the heavy-hitting, slowly falling bombs are, to some extent, random.
If Suns were more consistent with its main shots, I think it’d be a great addition to the O2 fight.


I still use T12 weapons and T13 armour, also I’d rather do O2 over thicket.

(This might be my stupidest moment ever because I can’t figure out how to quote a post)

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Theres a lot of things that can instantly kill you if you end up sitting on them or bad timing. I’ve lost a 6/8 warrior from the boss in udl. He spellbombed me xD. Dont give up. Dying allows the satisfaction you get when you finish rebuilding. I know it sucks but hey. Plus you got some fame now :slight_smile:


lots of people use tops

and sadly most people go for oryx instead of thicket even with ST


Ooooh are you part of the exclusive and elusive Thicket gang? :grinning:

I always do Thicket, and only do O2 if I need to get rid of an occasional incantation, and even when I do get an inc, I’m torn between doing O2 to use it or doing Thicket as usual.

Thicket’s an amazingly crafted dungeon, it’s a shame that people still prefer O2 over it or the other mini dungeons


I just wanted st armor and I will never ever do O2 again honestly I enjoy soloing reef idk why


To be fair, might be good that people focus on O2 more than the mini dungeons come to think of it. The mini dungeons can be fun to solo or do in a small group, rather than have a massive group start steamrolling through it. I’ve always found it fun to solo or do Thicket in a small group, and I can definitely see Reef’s appeal which shall be my next dungeon to grind after I get the Penetrating Blast Spell


Ice sphere insta pop me nerf pls :frowning:
Garnet statue insta pop me nerf pls :frowning:
Gray blob insta popped my level 1 wizard nerf pls :frowning:


Actually I legit think grey blob needs nerf (or at least there needs to be less of them). Found them so annoying when I used to try to level charachters and watch 5-10 minutes of work instantly get destroyed by a swarm of grey blobs. Also they did nerf ice sphere and garnet, didn’t they?


Well no duh if you sit on top of an enemy its gonna kill you. I wasn’t sitting on oryx when I got popped, I was basically offscreen from oryx with off center giving me even further range. idk why you would compare those 2 to the situation with the one I had, no disrespect but it looks very silly.


I’m saying a lot of enemies can do this
it’s part of the game, deal with it and just make a new character.


Your not supporting your argument, I said those enemies you listed can only kill if you sit on top of them. You were making fun of my post by relating my death to others who were silly enough to sit on top of those enemies. Oryx 2 sun phase does not require you to get inside to instantly die, I was basically off screen trying to dodge everything while landing my spell bomb on oryx and I manage to get hit by an explosion which conveniently insta kills if your unlucky enough from full health and pally buff.

Basically what I am trying to say is that

a lot of enemies can do this
its part of the game.

Is completely wrong, very few enemies can instantly kill a maxed player with pally buff from basically offscreen. The only real factual thing you said was to make a new character, which I really should.


Honestly, it sounds like you made the same mistake everyone makes concerning new content/phases - you didn’t stay the fuck away from it and observe at a distance. If you see any bullet moving as slow as the oryx sun phase, I’d be weary of it. Slow enemies/bullets are usually as slow as they are for a reason. I’d also go w/ never stop moving (content could be the Janus/garnet statues, DECA, you sweet, naive summer child) because… you don’t know what something does, until you know.


Ah, yes, the Janus and Garnet Statues.
Couldn’t resist making the joke.

Anyway, Demon’s pretty correct. Always stay cautious around new content and observe patterns before anything else.


Why do I bother commenting on every single comment that didn’t bother to read a single line.

you didn’t stay the fuck away from it and observe at a distance

I have done oryx 2 several times before this had happen, I didn’t sit on oryx or was even close to him when I die. Good to know you didn’t read anything I posted.

If you see any bullet moving as slow as the oryx sun phase, I’d be weary of it

Do you realize how thick the bullet density is in oryx sun phase? Why did you think I was just standing next to oryx 2?

I’d also go w/ never stop moving

Never said I was standing still. Again nice assuming.

The rest of what you said

I didn’t understand what you said all that much afterwards. Frankly its best to stay that way, can you please read anything of what I posted before commenting?

EDIT: to further prove your lack of understanding the phase and reading text. People stated that you have to stay close to oryx 2 during sun phase so keeping your distance is actually not the best approach (which I heavily do not support).


ice spheres and garnet statues charge you it’s not ‘stupidity’. Noone ‘sits ontop’ of these enemies, it’s just bad luck. Quit whining.


Its called running away, stop bring up other bosses/enemies that only kill you if they are on top of you. I was killed by a boss that can insta kill from near off screen. The only reason why I keep replying is because I get comments that know very little about this topic.


Guess this can really be called a “whine cellar”, huh? ( plz no hurtz me, this is a joke)


wew that tshot R.I.P


it was a shitty character anyway, I don’t understand why you’re so upset