Please fix oryx sun phase


I am not upset, I am making a complaint on why oryx 2 sun phase should be changed. Regardless if its a bad character or not, a unfair death is a unfair death. I may come more stern on toxic or troll comments at the very most. But I promise that I am not whining or angry. I simply want to make my complaint and help fix this issue.

ice spheres and garnet statues charge you it’s not ‘stupidity’

btw I never seen said stupidity, also oryx 2 doesn’t need to charge you to instantly die by him. Now you are trying to quote things I never said. This topic is probably not going anywhere so I’ll ask a mod to lock it.


Then how would oryx 2 be fun? The fun part is the chance that you might get popped and how to avoid it. Or it is the fun of seeing people dying around you. Death is an inescapable concept of this game, and without mobs or bosses that could instapop you without warning, no one would die and the fame economy would go right off a cliff. ( plz no hurtz me )


I don’t know, man - Xolotl doesn’t instapop you, but can still kill you.
Oryx can instapop you, but has plenty of ways to kill you without doing so.
The Marble Colossus doesn’t rely solely on instapops to kill, either.

Point is, no, people will still die without warning-less instapops.
The only people who won’t are auto-nexusers.
If anything, I’d much prefer that there are absolutely no warning-less instapops, because that’s completely unfair to fight against. You don’t feel like you made a mistake, or like you were too deep - you’re being punished for no reason.


And also, how is it unfair? It’s not like rogues are fair sneaking up on mobs and killing anything without notice. Your arguments genuinely just don’t make sense. Just suck it up and stay closer to oryx 2 next time you do an oryx 2. AND there is the fact that O2 drops WC tops and they r pretty valuable to some ppl. If everyone got WC tops the economy would go off a cliff too. ( plz no hurtz me, this is my way of thinking)


After skipping Oryx to grind Encores from Janus, I finally tried the WC. During the Sun Phase, everyone was going like, “I hate this damn phase,” and stuff.

I honestly don’t understand why players are so upset. I’ve longed for an actual fun fight in the WC, while many were quite spoiled with the ease. Remember: Oryx is the last and FINAL boss of the game. He’s not supposed to be an enemy that can easily be taken down.

I’m a guy that hasn’t ran a WC for a pretty long time, thinking that O2 was a joke. When I finally tried it once more, I loved the fact that it was way more fun. Sure, I got no warning. So? That’s what Realm is all about – using your instincts and skill to save your character, no matter what comes at you.

I would recommend always putting the view at off-center, and using the turn keys (Q and E) to look around. That’s just me, though.

False. Try guessing where this is from:

I would call BS, since that’s not clearly not true. It is possible to spell bomb for the whole time without getting touched, as long as you’re positioned correctly.

GCookie boosts an HP increase of 75 base. Were you expecting something?

I respectfully disagree. Shotguns from enemies put Realm’s players at their toes, forcing them to anticipate incoming shots. Shotguns are the signature “one-shot-one-kill” move that can sometimes be quite cruel, but something that Realm is known for.

It’s all about being aware.

I’m not blaming you for dying during the Sun Phase, because many players do. But there is always a phase in Realm that target specific types of players. The idea of Realm is to counter all of them, constantly getting better.


Most of what your saying is true but the bullet density is so thick its very hard to avoid everything espically with stuff outside of your control like small amount of lag.

I didn’t mean to call it a shotgun, the sun explosion is not a shotgun. A shotgun is a wide blast of bullets that does significantly more damage then normal. This was basically a stacked shot as the bullets cover a abnormally small amount of space (basically a stacked shot)

I am not saying he should be easy, I am saying he shouldn’t have a instashot from almost offscreen. He should actually be challenging and difficult to fight. He is not a very hard boss but this sun phase is horribly designed and the fact he has something this cheap is really dumb.


Try getting inside (between Oryx and the Sun Shots). This could take some guts (since it’s pretty scary), but if you’re worried about dying off-screen, this could be a solution. There are, of course, other shots that Oryx unleashes during the Sun Phase, but they are usually just debuff stars that could easily be dodged.

From personal experiences, I have never taken much damage from the Sun Phase, especially with a long-ranged class. As a melee, I find it better to deal soulbound beforehand, then just wait the Sun Phase out.

The lag that you mentioned is an entirely different topic, but I think I can help! Go to Options and try some of the tips below (if you haven’t already):

  • HP Bars to “Enemy” or “Off” - I prefer “Enemy”

  • UI Quality to “Low” (Graphics) - Simple graphics quality fix

  • Draw Shadows to “Off” (Graphics) - Shadows can create tons of lag

  • Particle Effects to “Low” (Graphics) - Toning down the unnecessary graphics

  • Disable Ally Shoot to “All” (Experimental) - Turns players’ shots to invisible (helps a TON)

  • Disable Particles Master to “On” (Experimental) - Particles can be quite an issue during lag

  • Always Show EXP to “Off”

  • Curse Indication to “Off”

  • Show Fame Gain to “Off”

  • Disable Ally Notifications to “On”

Remember, these are just some of them. Feel free to change anything I missed!

Hope these helped, and best of luck with Oryx!

– Gamma



Rogues take a risk by getting close to an enemy without them registering their presence. This becomes completely useless if an enemy has a set attack pattern, and can be a hindrance for the Rogue in question if the enemy is chasing a different player.
But most importantly, enemies can’t quit the game because of an unfair mechanic.
It’s almost like saying that it’s unfair that players can regenerate health, while the majority of monsters can’t.

If it is impossible for a player to know what an enemy will do, and they cannot be in a position where they will not be instantly killed, then it’s completely bullshit unfair.
Is Oryx’ Sun phase unfair? To some degree, yes. To some degree, no. You can get instantly killed, for sure, but you would most likely stay away from the slower Sun shots already, meaning that you already create distance between the instant kill. Secondly, there is a lot of room for simply not being within Oryx’ range, and instead carefully observing what he’s doing.
However, the pattern itself is disorienting, making it tough to dodge, while simultaneously strongly punishing this with its high armor-piercing damage output. This is the only unfair part, as far as I can see.


The sun phase is okay i guess, through i can see it being somewhat difficult to dodge on dagger classes (or that’s just me not being a fan of having 75 Speed to dodge narrow bullet hell).

The safest way to do the sun phase is like, almost everyone else mentioned before, is to stay really close to Oryx, not only because you would be able to dodge every shot if your circle around him correctly, also it’s the safest because it won’t get you instapopped, because if you stay too far, you might get a sun exploding on you, while staying close to Oryx you may get hit by a sun (250 Damage IIRC), or few smaller blasts.

On a related note, i feel in some places where you need really precise movement to dodge (like most of MBC’s core phases and O2’s sun and dance phase) are extremely hard if you are playing on a fast class, like the dagger classes or Ninja, which are squishy, oddly making Slowed (which is available at MBC) more helpful than harmful, and i feel they are at a disadvantage at these situations compared to the other slower, 11 classes. I find it weird for a bullet-hell game to have battles where you have to simply take it.

Then again, possibly this design is because of pets.


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