PM Bug


so, this is probably the wrong place to post this, since no official deca staff will see this, but i have had this problem where people don’t get my PM’s.

i’ve only been playing on exalt since i started playing again last week, and the first time i noticed this was when someone PM’d me, and i replied, but that person wasn’t receiving my replies
at first, i was thinking he might’ve been new and didn’t know how to scroll up, and my PM’s were being lost by spam bots
but, this started to become a recurring problem

What finally made me want to actually make a feedback about this is today three people PM’d me to trade, and I replied to all three of them, and none of them responded. I was in the nexus at the time of receiving and replying to the PM’s. After some time of not getting any responses from them, i entered a realm, and one of them PM’d me again, and this time they were able to see my PM. I told them what happened about how I replied, and I’ve been having this problem with some people randomly here and there.

Has anyone else experienced this glitch/bug too?


There’s the possibility of being shadow muted (which has been happening somewhat frequently) although in that case none of your messages (PM’s, in game chat, guild chat) would go thru.


I did like a week or two ago but it was fixed for me


You’ve probably recieved the infamous shadowmute. Originally a measure to counter spambots, the game “shadowmutes” you if you either

  • Use restricted terms like “Oryx”, of which most RWT sites and a gambling site have in their name too many times
  • Send messages too fast and get the “You’re typing too fast” warning
  • Repeatedly send the same message too many times
    Once the creators of the biggest hacked client wised up, they added the first and 3rd features which consist of getting their bots to send message every few seconds, use alternatives like 0ryx, and alternate between multiple messages.
    For normal players, this can be pretty problematic - spamming oryx closed realm, trading oryxmas items. Your case is probably just spamming the same message, eg S>6 pots B> 1L would trigger it if you sent 20 times.
    You can check if you have it by sending /t [random] [message]. If the word shows as, say itachitot instead of itachiToT or player is offline, gz, you are getting the dubious pleasure of shadowmuting.


One last thing, gchat isn’t affected


Sorry for bad formatting and grammar and word choice being weird.


bump, can confirm it’s not a “shadow mute” or from repetitive messages that are similar in words, or spam

hope someone looks into this and fixes it