Post funny moments in-game!


But seriously, I don’t understand all the hate for lightshot. Personally, I find it to be a very useful tool and in my opinion, the hate stems from forumer’s being lazy and not being willing to spend an extra second to click on a link.


Well, I just use (windows shift s) for my screenshots, but I’m too stupid to figure out how to save them to my computer rather than my clipboard, so I just post them right away. If you like light shot, use light shot. Doesn’t matter too much for me since I’d probably get jealous over your loot lmao.


It is the redirect to another website thus taking the user off the forums. It saves you time but not those those that want to see the screen shot. At least for me, that is why I do choose not to look. But use whatever you like.


Fair point.


You could also just type img src = “”>/img>

With < infrint of the img and /img

Edit:wtf lightshop doesnt work for that either


Actually, there’s a button to copy the image directly with Lightshot rather than going through the awkward process of getting the link and then copying the image. It looks like clipart of a sheet of paper.


do that in the discobot thread in off-topic, we dont want the clutter


Yeah! I’m expecting some funny stuff.


Excuse me what the fuck


I take it you mean that literally?


you never know w/ rotmg players these days


i would have believed that tbh


Hello Adam.


This is from an hw site.

When you play realm but you don’t want other people to know you do.


@wilhuff was doing an orientation for his guild


That’s classified information.


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And is ArexRew still in WIlhuff’s guild?


called him super gay too many times and got taun to do it too (good meme)


He was fired after 30 minutes for being too immature.