Post interesting map features here


This lich’s temple was basically non-existent



Nest of the Crystal Dune Worm.


And not a single forbidden jungle



<Daichi> Oh yah I love that one room we were talking about! So zen with the pool and little island. Put some of those in the plans won’t you.

<MT Architect> Sure thing boss. How does this look?

<Daichi> You don’t lack skills! But you have underestimated the desire I have for that one room within this Temple. Let me show you.


those zen rooms are what make the mt my favorite dungeon. It captures the atmosphere perfectly, and I love it.

Mwoods, with its art is a very close second. I do wish that you would lose hallucination a lot sooner after leacing the water, though.


I love the hallucination because it never fails to surprise me when I get loot there


Shh, not too loud…he might hear you…

Fancy Mountain Temple shenanigans there, Nevov.
One thing that does catch my eye…

It kinda looks like a horizontally-flipped Kageboshi! ^u^


Mixcoatl in quarantine, maybe they think my warrior has covid-19?

It was some time ago though, in the middle of the quarantine. I didnt post it here because i never knew about this thread.


I think this Nest had a bit of a specific obsession with a certain room type…



A star shaped realm I found


That is some serious dedication to run around an entire realm. Definitely do not think I have done that before!


This line of sand


Marble Defender shot pattern foreshadowing


Serious lava lake at Malphas.


Double Lava chest, Low levelers rejoice


The world’s most useful barrel spot!


It’s the anti-troll spot.


It looks anti-usable as well.


First time seeing this.