Potential 50 life giveaway [closed by mods because spam is against the rules]


2nd entry


I thought you were a kool boi.
You has angered the great Fl00FER!
Pls forgive me


OB still kewl @OtherBill






Feel free to refer to the Forum Rules & Guidelines:

This is not intended to be an explanation of “why”, this is simply an explanation of “what”.

[This is also not open to negotiation. OB]


When you really want the badge for replies so you create a thread asking people to spam it to 5k replies, then argue with the forum leaders because they wont let you break forum rules xd






entry #1




a single entry please.


Entry #1 is think
is this how you ENTEER???


Guys stop trying to enter. It’s done. It’s over. It’s finished.


So you’re basically admitting you don’t have a good reason for the rule. The rule just… exists…

If there is a good reason, please explain.


my only entry lucky kid here


It’s annoying to people, and there’s no rhyme or reason for it. There’s plenty of other ways to host a “wacky” giveaway.


Entry 1 if this giveaway opens up again.


in addition to what Harryvvvv said about artificially inflating stats, I believe the forum also chooses topics to suggest based on how popular they are for a specific category. having a thread that gets 1000 replies in 24 hours would probably screw with the “Suggested Topics” section both at the bottom of this page and on the main site’s front page.

that would be one of my guesses at least.


[Disclaimer: my reply is not an entry into any giveaway!]

Actually, yes there is. If you aren’t aware, receiving a Notification looks like this:

There’s a setting to switch these Notifications off and on, in user preferences: